Uncanny visitations from deceased in dreams

On July 31,1999, I had a visitation. I was sleeping alone in my
bed. My wife, Judy, was attending a summer dance program with
my daughter Miranda in Carlisle, Pa. USA.   I awoke to find a silhouette
of a dark heavy male figure standing near my bed. I could sense a
profound foreboding with its presence as the sensation of increased
humidity of the bedroom was palatable. I was terrified, maybe for
the first time in years. When I finally got back to sleep, I was again
awakened by a phone call at about 6 am.. My mother-in-law, Ruth, called to tell me
that my father-in-law, Tom, was gone, deceased, passed on.
When Judy returned from Carlisle, the shocking death of her
father created a drive in her to communicate with her father’s spirit
– a reunion of sorts since she had been away during his passing. She
researched and found that the famous medium George Anderson
was going to give a cold reading for enrolled people at a Holiday Inn
on Long Island, New York in September of that year. My son, Tom,
took Ruth and Judy to that reading. George Anderson told Judy, “I
have a message from someone in uniform (Tom Bushby was a World War
II veteran who was stationed in the Pacific) to his one and only”. Judy
taped the message of George and knew it was meant for her, Tom’s
only child and daughter.
When Ruth died in 2011, Judy and I attended her passing. She
died in bed at her home. It was a wonderful, sacred moment for me
and a privilege to be with her during that moment. I had a dream
about Ruth following her passing; the dream image of her bound
like a shadow on Judy’s back as she gathered up Ruth’s precious
belongings. It was as if Ruth was attempting to enter the earthly plane
and commune with Judy by attaching her spirit to her as she was
working.  When the body dies, does the person’s mind evaporate like water
on a hot day?

The mind-body dichotomy of Descartes, as has been
described, had been dominating philosophical thought since the
Enlightenment. This prevailing view has created the sciences of the
body and the mind separately. And led to the conclusion that once the
body dies, the brain which is the seat of intelligence dies too. The new
view espoused by psychologist Dr. Gary E. Swartz does not presume
that the mind and body are separate, but they are interconnected.
Furthermore, once the body dies, the intelligence and consciousness
of the brain can live on even though the body in its corporal form no
longer exists.

Furthermore, the mind and body interact and are part of the
whole psychic system. Consciousness emerges from the unaware,
undeveloped instinctual unconscious mind. But, mind-consciousness
is separate from the brain. There is substantial anecdotal evidence that
when people are declared brain dead the organs of perception live on
and “intelligence” is not seated in the organic brain. “Consciousness
exists independently from the brain. It does not depend on the brain for
its survival.”
Jung’s dissertation for his medical degree was on the subject “On
the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena”
(1902). Jung disclosed to the world what his chosen concentration
would be. He had mediums on his mother’s side of the family and
had experience directly throughout the course of his life work with
them (Miss Miller’s fantasies). Although he at first saw spiritualism
experiences as the result of autonomous complexes, he later refined his
view that archetypes were rooted in a trans-psychic reality that was on
one end matter and on the other spirit.
At the end of his life, in Memories Dreams and Reflections, Jung
interpreted certain dreams of the dead as actual visits of the dead
to the dreamer. Although he did not write the following dream as a
visitation from his wife Emma, Jung dreamed her as young woman
with a face neither sad or joyful but rather objectively wise and
understanding. She was beautiful and commissioned her portrait
for him which satisfied him to a great extent; for it was evidence of
his completed individuation – the total integration of thinking and
feeling by the Self.
In May of 1960, Jung conceded:
“We may therefore expect postmortal phenomenon to occur which must
be regarded as authentic. Nothing can be ascertained about existence
outside time… But this does not exclude the possibility that there is
existence outside time, which runs parallel with existence inside time.
Yes we may simultaneously exist in both worlds, and occasionally
have intimations of a two-fold existence. But what is outside time is,
according to our understanding, outside change. It possesses relative
When the body dies with the brain, the mind with its seat of
personal consciousness still continues. This is substantiated in research
of mediums contacting the spirit world.
What information is transmitted from a parallel existence that runs
simultaneously with our own? The deceased person’s “consciousness:
contains the personal archetype/myth an individual lived before death”.

These archetypes live on also as part of the field of energy in a total
psychic system of the deceased individual in the form of complex
energy constellations that have emotional valence.
Most medium contact with the “other side” involves evoking
the archetype or symbol the person lived while on the earthly plane.
That elicits a response consistent with personal characteristics of the
deceased person when contact is made.

I refer to the work of Allan
Botkin, PSY.D. In his work with induced after-death communication
found that providing eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
(EMDR) to combat veterans evoked communication with their
deceased combat buddies who shared the common focal trauma
of death in war. He found that the traumatic death incidents were
“remembered and acknowledged by the deceased victims themselves and
communicated to the living.”   In many of Botkin’s cases, the deceased
reassured the living that in spite of a violent death in war, they are
at peace and totally congruent with the death experience. This was
therapeutic for the survivors in Botkin’s caseload and a great relief.
The fact that they (both the living and the dead) shared a common
trauma was the personal archetype (the Neptune/Pluto archetypes in astrology)
that brought them together in a common energy field and elicited an
interaction with the living and the deceased.
I propose that the consciousness that carries on does so by
information that is stored in the netherworld. Information is
transmitted to the living whether it is the death trauma information
or a life pattern motif. An example of this transmission of information
after death is that memory that is preserved with the soul in
reincarnation. There is documented evidence of small children who
identify with a family and feel that they were part of that family in a
previous life, once they are capable of language and communicating.
Ian Stevenson, MD cited reincarnation research studied cases of people who chose to be reincarnated (Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, 1966)
into a new body with a new family and ‘remember’ their
previous incarnation.  To ‘choose’ to be born again at a specific
time and location demonstrates the link between reincarnation and
astrology. For the way this secret information is conveyed is a stamp
on a newly incarnated soul. It can and does showcover image front resize up as aspect patterns and ego
placements in the nodal horoscope. Of course, this flies in the face of
empiricism because these truths cannot be replicated in large numbers
with statistical methods. However, the truth in this single subject
design can yield the validity and reliability of this approach if one is
open to it.

All excerpts in quotes are referenced in my book which appears here.

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