Progressions and transits on Sharon Tate’s premonition of her murder

Tate Tate 1967Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a movie that is about a young wife who comes to know that her offspring is not of this world. As the plot unfolds, when Rosemary becomes pregnant, she becomes increasingly isolated; the diabolical truth is revealed only after she gives birth- that she was impregnated by the Devil. Rosemary gives birth to the Devil’s offspring and then has to give it up to Devil worshipers. The movie is a suspenseful and superbly crafted art form by Director Roman Polanski. Having recently seen the motion picture, I was struck at how important accurate dates and numbers were to the occult aspects of the movie. For example, Rosemary’s baby had to be conceived and born on a certain calendar day that was chosen with the confederate help of Rose Mary’s husband, Guy. (He was in league with the Devil cult). In addition the baby devil had to be born a certain time of the year in order to fulfill the dark, evil purpose of the underworld. Although this was imaginary theatre, being an Astrological Psychology enthusiast, I was interested in dates and times for the birthing and intrigued by certain parallels to the life of Sharon Tate, movie star and former wife of Director of the film Roman Polanski.

I noticed synchronicities that appeared in the making of the film and thereafter. One was that Director Roman Polanski released this film on June 12, 1968 little more than a year before his wife Sharon Tate was murdered. Sharon Tate was murdered on August 9, 1969 when she was 8 months pregnant and due to give birth to Polanski’s child in two weeks. The Charles Manson cult was responsible for her murder and that of 3 others including her one time boyfriend Jay Sebring. Was there a connection between the pregnancies between Rosemary in the movie and Sharon Tate’s with sinister forces at play? I had wondered about the concept of the Law of Attraction- like attracts like which “in new age philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.” (Wikipedia).
Add to this the roles that Sharon Tate was scripted for in the movies which had the flavor of occult: she played a witch in Eye of the Devil (1967); in the Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) she played Sarah who was a victim whisked away by a Vampire. In Valley of the Dolls (1967), she played the role of a talentless actress who had success and failure in love and work, leading to heartbreak, addiction and tragedy. Sharon Tate was known to take opium and other mind altering drugs; she had a lifestyle in which she had open affairs while she was pregnant and married to Roman Polanski. Could these roles and Sharon’s disposition have attracted the events that led to her murder on August 9, 1969? Furthermore, could a premonition or dream she had of her own death in 1967, (See chart on left at top of the page)  have been a warning to find a way out of the conundrum that made her a victim of the Manson cult?

Note: The unique perspective of the Huber approach combines Jungian dream analysis and relates these to dynamics of chart interpretation using the Huber method to time developmental events in the life of a person. Developmental challenges are revealed by the critical times when the Age Point transits planets or other sensitive points in a horoscope by aspecting them. The events and urge to growth can create a crisis in consciousness. (The Cosmic Egg Timer, pps. 127-128). These events in the psyche of the person are reflected symbolically in dreams or premonitions which usually identify a crisis of ego attachments. Personal identity losses ( family role losses through separation, divorce, death); occupational losses (change in job, being fired or retirement); physical body losses (illness, accidents) and/or transitions ( from life to death). The recording and amplification of dreams and the date they are dreamed are correlated with critical periods: crossing point of the Age Points, transits and progressions to the Natal horoscope. This represents a meaningful way in which the SELF prepares one for losses, which has implications for healing and personal transcendence of consciousness. (Dreams and Astrological Psychology, p. 47.)

To shed light on these questions, by assessment of Sharon Tate’s birth chart aspects of her Age Point progression point (see chart on top left of this page) and transits to her natal planets that occurred during the ‘hypothesised’ premonition/dream date in 1967; I discover certain themes that had emerged which were missed opportunities for her to steer away from the tragic course her life took ending in her murder.

Jay Sebring and Sharon met in 1964; Jay was a famous hair stylist. The couple had been lovers and friends for years. On a night in July or August of 1967 ( I chose August 15,1967); Sharon was staying at Sebring’s home while waiting on a new apartment lease which would  enable her to move to her own residence. It was during the time that she was staying in Jay’s home, that Sharon had a premonition or dream of his and her own deaths.
As reported in the May 1970 issue of Fate magazine, by Dick Kleiner when he asked her if she had psychic experience, she said:
…’ Sometime around the summer of 1967, Tate was in a relationship with Jay Sebring, who not so incidentally, would also be killed in the Manson slaughter in the house in Benedict Canyon. She was alone in his house and turning in to bed when she started experiencing a funny feeling that kept her from sleeping. She turned on the light and saw a small man moving clumsily around the room. The unexplainable figure was terrifying to her. (It seemed that the figure resembled, Paul Bern, who used to live in that house and died of suicide in the 1930’s). Tate then ran from the room and went down stairs and this was when the premonition or dream took place. She saw someone tied to the staircase. Whoever it was- and she could not tell if it was a man or a woman but knew somehow that it was either Jay Sebring or her- he/she was cut open at the throat. After settling down with a drink at a bar in the house, she went back up stairs and walked past the apparition with gushing blood and past the little old man. Despite this, she climbed into bed and fell fast asleep’.

Sharon Tate’s horoscope highlights traits (see chart on right at top of page):
Sharon Tate’s ascendant is Cancer which has a persona of these behavioral traits- mirroring , nurturing, and receptivity to others; being sentimental and shy. She had psychological needs for belonging, unconditional love and sympathetic understanding- true to the Cancer archetype. Her ascendant ruler is the Moon in the Cardinal zone of the third house, *unaspected which directed her need for closeness, warmth and tenderness with a tendency to always be on the lookout for new people and new things to learn. She had an open and receptive manner and encouraged others to open up to her. But her feelings might have been at the mercy of others and it could have been difficult for her to know her own feelings. At times she may have had the feeling of emotional loneliness, abandonment or loss because of the problem of recognizing her own emotional responses and separating them from others.
Sharon had a strong need for reaching her own goals with clarity and dynamism but she may have been torn in two directions- to be with others or on her own. She could have had traits of striving for possessions, collecting, wanting to keep things for herself- people, ideas and knowledge; she could have the feeling the more she had, the more she was worth. (Astrolog, p. 153) She could have underestimated her self-worth thus creating dependency and relying on the resources of others for their help or financial assistance. ( Moon Node Astrology, p. 48). This coupled with not knowing her own feelings and relying on dependency of others could lend to her being paralyzed in taking responsibility for her own life direction.
For her own growth and development, #she would have needed to rely on her own self- worth and values, but she may have disliked the exertion that building her own self-worth entailed and felt a token effort was enough. She could have been dependent on strong, usually male persons- like Jay. In a hurry to project her own need for self-satisfaction on others, she may have loved too much an easy time (trines in air signs) and missed opportunities to self-reflect in an evaluative way- thus relying on others’ opinions. (Moon Node Horoscope, p. 48) Thus many opportunities for personal growth were allowed to slip by and even the terrifying premonition of her own death could not stand the discernment of an evaluation. She could have reflected on her own life and changed its direction, left people on whom she was dependent, and relied on her own self-worth. So, the only sinister forces at play were her own avoidance of what her premonition meant to her personally. She may have exhibited demands for closeness with other people which created a longing due to her emotional dependency needs, but then she felt frustration, tension, friction and irritability instead of peace and contentment in closeness with others. (Planets, p. 146). She could probably not stand to be alone. This combination with being beautiful and sought out by the public, as a movie star and model, reinforced superficial qualities of self-worth and could have prevented her from discernment as to what her premonition may have been telling her.
Age Progressions ^ and transits:
I chose to use the date of August 15, 1967 to interpret progressions and transits because it seemed the most reasonable time for the occurrence of her premonition/dream at Jay Sebring’s house. Sharon was in her boyfriend’s apartment, Jay Sebring, while awaiting her own to be rented apartment to open up so she could move on her own. Due to the premonition, she must have had intense feelings of dread but she may have avoided making a genuine effort to examine her life. She went down a blind alley and may have missed the opportunity to be independent. She may have relied too much on Jay and it may have damaged her spiritual and developmental growth. Taking the easy way out and not reflecting on this premonition and its consequences for her life may have damaged any attempt to escape her fate. (AP t square Node n and oppose Venus n at cusp of 8th house). (Life Clock, p. 194)
She may have not been seeing relationships clearly and perhaps was yearning for the unattainable union and fusion with friend, Jay. (Neptune t in 3rd on LP n square Venus n on 8th cusp). Avoiding actual encounters with the truth, Sharon could have pretended she was happy with the direction her life was going, especially with all the distractions of her fame. Even though her psychic abilities as evidenced by the premonition of her and Jay’s death, was manifested and predictive of what would happen to both of them; she closed the door on the discernment that the relationship with Jay was headed for a catastrophic end. Her rational side was not triggered and she thus was just a vehicle for her imagination and nothing more; but she could have been a medium and channeled things to come and acted accordingly. (Planets in Transit, pps. 444, 447)
I can see at work, that the laws of attraction that could have set the stage for occult and perhaps genuine psychic experiences (Progressed Mercury p to Neptune n) but the dependency traits that Sharon possessed, the fame she enjoyed, and the avoidance of self-reflective reality checks- may have brought her to where she ended up on August 9, 1969- at the murderous hands of the Manson gang. This experience with Sharon Tate and analysis of her chart with Age Point progressions and transits, taught me to heed psychic intuitions, dreams and premonitions and to examine them closely. I wish Sharon could have done that which may have created an opening for her and her unborn child to live on and not be delivered to the evil that was brought upon them.

*The Huber method of astrological psychology uses the aspect structure and shaping of a chart (quadrangular, triangles and linear connections among planets) to represent the unconscious motivation of a person. When the moon is not part of the structure, its feeling energies are dependent on the environment for responses.

#The north node of the moon and aspects to its’ house position and sign indicate the potential for growth and development of the individual. Although the Node indicates the areas in which growth can naturally occur ,it is sometimes resisted. The south node aspects, placement by house and sign indicates past life patterns that are well-worn and represent lines of least resistance but don’t lead to growth.

^The Age Progression Point is a developmental point that moves through the houses every 6 years. It starts at birth and takes 72 years to complete a full cycle. As it does, it creates aspects and life challenges to sensitive natal points and aspect structures in the chart and affects the life of the native.
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