Excerpt from Huber Astrology through Astrological Pscyhology Association

Astrology in England: What follows are excerpts from Sue Lewis’s book, Astrological Psychology, western Esotericism, and the Transpersonal, Chapter 1. The Genesis of Huber Astrology, section 1.6 pps- 39-51 How does Astrological Psychology (Huber) differ from Psychological Astrology (Liz Greene’s school).

“In 1978-1979 the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology (CPT) founded in 1973 by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers was joined by Liz Greene to form the Centre for Transpersonal Astrology (CTA).  Participants were introduced to the psychological models of Jung and Assagioli. Jung’s 4 functions (Intuition, Sensation, Thinking and Feeling) were linked with sign elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water respectively by Greene as a way to build on interpretation.  For her sub-personalities are more related to planets, signs and houses and she sees the planets in a mythological light like Jung’s Trickster (Mercury) or Chiron (from myth, the Wounded Healer).

In the Huber method (the Association for Psychological Astrology- APA),  emphasis is given 1st to the “triplicities – cardinal , mutable and fixed which combine to form an image of the psyche represented by an aspect structure indicative of coherence, inner motivation and evolving sub-personalities.  Huber draws on Jung’s 4 functions of consciousness, linking the elements (fire, earth, air and water) not only to signs and houses, as does Greene, but specifically with its 4 sensory planets.  In this respect giving a different slant to interpretation:  Mars represents fire as “spontaneous fusion”; Jupiter as earth is the summation of the senses, understanding the nature of reality; Airy Mercury expresses the argumentative ideas person; and Watery Venus the aesthetic individual seeking ideal form.

Jupiter plays an important role in the Huber method but because of the “magnetic aura that surrounds every living creature” and rules the 4 divisions in the triplicities of fire, earth, air and water; Jupiter is also given the capacity to fulfill ‘practically achievable ideals’ (Arroyo).  Given the emphasis to planetary seeds, forming sub-personalities to support survival and motivation and learning through experience , to build confidence and banish fear; it is not surprising that Jupiter should play such a major role in the Huber method, whose main objective is synthesis, renewal and regeneration.

Astrological Psychology also related the elements to the 4 quadrants of the horoscope starting with fire as impulse in the lower left hand corner of the unconscious hemisphere (houses 1-3); followed by earth as instinct in the lower right hand corner (houses 4-6); ;and as air which is  thinking in the upper rights hand corner of the conscious hemisphere (houses 7-9); and water being in the upper left hand corner representing self awareness and self realization (house 10-12).

The movement of the Age Point (AP) which starts at birth and moves around one revolution of the cycle of the horoscope through all 12 houses in 72 years; moves through each quadrant, taking 18 years in one quadrant (at age 18 it is ready to move to the 4th house, etc.) and interacts with planetary positions in an individual chart and creates opportunities for growth in (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) development.

Huber does not invoke mythological Gods but connects Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn with intelligent functions- Saturn= memory; Mercury= information gathering, language and correlations; Jupiter= sense perception, vision and comprehension.  Too much emphasis on Mercury facilitates information transfer lacking depth of thought and the mind needs a well-developed Jupiter to make wise choices.  Saturn is an ego planet concerned with defense and security and an overactive Saturn can hold back progress by keeping one hostage to past memories.  Sun and   Moon interact with these intelligent functions.  Sun expressing vitality and self awareness.  Moon our emotional nature.  Uranus adds creative intelligence. Neptune adds intuitive imagination. Pluto adds intelligent will.  Aspects between planets form motivational patterns, expressing how we think.

Both Huber and Liz Greene’s astrology draw on Neo-Platonist Astrology, the Theosophical Astrology of Alan Leo, and Humanistic Astrology of Rudhyar.    Greene’s astrology interacts primarily with Jung’s psychology while Huber blends with Psychosynthesis with additions from Bailey’s esoteric astrology and Jungian models.”John D Grove triple

Uncanny visitations from deceased in dreams

On July 31,1999, I had a visitation. I was sleeping alone in my
bed. My wife, Judy, was attending a summer dance program with
my daughter Miranda in Carlisle, Pa. USA.   I awoke to find a silhouette
of a dark heavy male figure standing near my bed. I could sense a
profound foreboding with its presence as the sensation of increased
humidity of the bedroom was palatable. I was terrified, maybe for
the first time in years. When I finally got back to sleep, I was again
awakened by a phone call at about 6 am.. My mother-in-law, Ruth, called to tell me
that my father-in-law, Tom, was gone, deceased, passed on.
When Judy returned from Carlisle, the shocking death of her
father created a drive in her to communicate with her father’s spirit
– a reunion of sorts since she had been away during his passing. She
researched and found that the famous medium George Anderson
was going to give a cold reading for enrolled people at a Holiday Inn
on Long Island, New York in September of that year. My son, Tom,
took Ruth and Judy to that reading. George Anderson told Judy, “I
have a message from someone in uniform (Tom Bushby was a World War
II veteran who was stationed in the Pacific) to his one and only”. Judy
taped the message of George and knew it was meant for her, Tom’s
only child and daughter.
When Ruth died in 2011, Judy and I attended her passing. She
died in bed at her home. It was a wonderful, sacred moment for me
and a privilege to be with her during that moment. I had a dream
about Ruth following her passing; the dream image of her bound
like a shadow on Judy’s back as she gathered up Ruth’s precious
belongings. It was as if Ruth was attempting to enter the earthly plane
and commune with Judy by attaching her spirit to her as she was
working.  When the body dies, does the person’s mind evaporate like water
on a hot day?

The mind-body dichotomy of Descartes, as has been
described, had been dominating philosophical thought since the
Enlightenment. This prevailing view has created the sciences of the
body and the mind separately. And led to the conclusion that once the
body dies, the brain which is the seat of intelligence dies too. The new
view espoused by psychologist Dr. Gary E. Swartz does not presume
that the mind and body are separate, but they are interconnected.
Furthermore, once the body dies, the intelligence and consciousness
of the brain can live on even though the body in its corporal form no
longer exists.

Furthermore, the mind and body interact and are part of the
whole psychic system. Consciousness emerges from the unaware,
undeveloped instinctual unconscious mind. But, mind-consciousness
is separate from the brain. There is substantial anecdotal evidence that
when people are declared brain dead the organs of perception live on
and “intelligence” is not seated in the organic brain. “Consciousness
exists independently from the brain. It does not depend on the brain for
its survival.”
Jung’s dissertation for his medical degree was on the subject “On
the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena”
(1902). Jung disclosed to the world what his chosen concentration
would be. He had mediums on his mother’s side of the family and
had experience directly throughout the course of his life work with
them (Miss Miller’s fantasies). Although he at first saw spiritualism
experiences as the result of autonomous complexes, he later refined his
view that archetypes were rooted in a trans-psychic reality that was on
one end matter and on the other spirit.
At the end of his life, in Memories Dreams and Reflections, Jung
interpreted certain dreams of the dead as actual visits of the dead
to the dreamer. Although he did not write the following dream as a
visitation from his wife Emma, Jung dreamed her as young woman
with a face neither sad or joyful but rather objectively wise and
understanding. She was beautiful and commissioned her portrait
for him which satisfied him to a great extent; for it was evidence of
his completed individuation – the total integration of thinking and
feeling by the Self.
In May of 1960, Jung conceded:
“We may therefore expect postmortal phenomenon to occur which must
be regarded as authentic. Nothing can be ascertained about existence
outside time… But this does not exclude the possibility that there is
existence outside time, which runs parallel with existence inside time.
Yes we may simultaneously exist in both worlds, and occasionally
have intimations of a two-fold existence. But what is outside time is,
according to our understanding, outside change. It possesses relative
When the body dies with the brain, the mind with its seat of
personal consciousness still continues. This is substantiated in research
of mediums contacting the spirit world.
What information is transmitted from a parallel existence that runs
simultaneously with our own? The deceased person’s “consciousness:
contains the personal archetype/myth an individual lived before death”.

These archetypes live on also as part of the field of energy in a total
psychic system of the deceased individual in the form of complex
energy constellations that have emotional valence.
Most medium contact with the “other side” involves evoking
the archetype or symbol the person lived while on the earthly plane.
That elicits a response consistent with personal characteristics of the
deceased person when contact is made.

I refer to the work of Allan
Botkin, PSY.D. In his work with induced after-death communication
found that providing eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
(EMDR) to combat veterans evoked communication with their
deceased combat buddies who shared the common focal trauma
of death in war. He found that the traumatic death incidents were
“remembered and acknowledged by the deceased victims themselves and
communicated to the living.”   In many of Botkin’s cases, the deceased
reassured the living that in spite of a violent death in war, they are
at peace and totally congruent with the death experience. This was
therapeutic for the survivors in Botkin’s caseload and a great relief.
The fact that they (both the living and the dead) shared a common
trauma was the personal archetype (the Neptune/Pluto archetypes in astrology)
that brought them together in a common energy field and elicited an
interaction with the living and the deceased.
I propose that the consciousness that carries on does so by
information that is stored in the netherworld. Information is
transmitted to the living whether it is the death trauma information
or a life pattern motif. An example of this transmission of information
after death is that memory that is preserved with the soul in
reincarnation. There is documented evidence of small children who
identify with a family and feel that they were part of that family in a
previous life, once they are capable of language and communicating.
Ian Stevenson, MD cited reincarnation research studied cases of people who chose to be reincarnated (Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, 1966)
into a new body with a new family and ‘remember’ their
previous incarnation.  To ‘choose’ to be born again at a specific
time and location demonstrates the link between reincarnation and
astrology. For the way this secret information is conveyed is a stamp
on a newly incarnated soul. It can and does showcover image front resize up as aspect patterns and ego
placements in the nodal horoscope. Of course, this flies in the face of
empiricism because these truths cannot be replicated in large numbers
with statistical methods. However, the truth in this single subject
design can yield the validity and reliability of this approach if one is
open to it.

All excerpts in quotes are referenced in my book which appears here.

Isis Jihad and Nativism- Dream of sacrificial rituals in the name of religion

Dream: 11/16/2015 There were 3 roads or 3 paths in front of me.  One to the left, one to the right and one in the middle.  The one  I followed was  in the middle,  because I could just see the top of it, as I stood and stretched, it was so close , so I took it.  To get to the top, I wedged myself between some chunks of new bulldozed dirt that had been dug up and pushed myself to the top.  At the top, I looked down and was astounded at what I saw constructed in a huge pit.  I saw a huge cement structure built with an altar with men’s pictures on it in circles.  They were men with haircuts and you could just see their heads.  The circular pictures were in the top part that went to a decorated centerpiece and pointed top like a clearstory like that  you would see in a church but instead of stained glass windows, there were these men in circles painted at the top.  Below was a huge square newly constructed” swimming pool” and near its rims were overflow cement tongues at four corners (like the gargoyles one sees in old churches that drain excess water from the rain from the building) that would take out excess liquid.  It was a sacrificial pool, it looked like.  It was newly constructed and had just been built.  I was astounded and scared so I left because I thought I was not supposed to be there.

I went back to the room where I had stayed (in the first dream).  In the lobby of the dormitory where I had my room, I had inadvertently found on a lectern stand -a  typed page outline on one piece of paper  I noticed some men in the lobby looking taking an interest in me seeing it and one came over and commented on it.  It was important to the men in the lobby.

Once back to my room, I discovered my key worked just fine but when I opened the door, I found a new double bed (instead of my single one) with new sheets and blankets all made up, and  all my things excluding my desk was there. I searched my things, opened a bag to make sure that it was my stuff, was this room?  It was.

Associations: The cement structure reminds me of a Mayan sacrificial temple like in the movie “Apocalypto” where humans were sacrificed and blood from their bodies would go down steps and the overflow would stain the land.  Through tongues the flow of blood would be channeled.   Funny, Isis believes, as an apocalyptic cult, that it must kill infidels to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria and just killed 129 people in Paris France.  Now State governors forward the prospect of preventing Syrian refugees from coming into this country as was planned by the President.  30 governors of states have said they will refuse Syrians from settling there.  Even though they will be screened and  vetted and it would take 12-18 months to process them.  It is highly unlikely terrorists would get through.   In the dream the sacrificial altar with men’s heads on them at the top exalts man’s Ego, not a diety.  And the cauldron of the swimming pool would hold the sacrificed blood of the Syrian Muslims who would not find safe- haven here in the USA.  Some Governors said they would accept Christians but not Muslims  So here in the USA I think we have the parallel with ISIS but on a much more subtle level .  I believe the dream is telling me that due to Ego mania, we would  protect our existing populations rather than taking a chance on anyone else.  Those men in the altar were exalted legislators who would prevent the refugees from coming.  Congress will try to pass a bill next week to prevent the settlements.  So Muslim blood must be sacrificed in order for the God of the Materialism to continue to prosper…  Isis is a cult that thrives on human sacrifice ; in the same way we have a cult of the rich and privledged who don’t want to upset the balance of their wealth to allow others into our country.   In the dream , I am given a bribe to keep this understanding out of communication with the world at large by being given a new bed.  Isis is a ancient, reactionary cult that kills innocents (the people in Paris has nothing to do with Islam which would never kill young people at random).  It is not a jihad (holy war) to kill innocents at random who by their very existence do not pose a threat to Islam.  Likewise our reactionary leaders in America who would prevent settlement of refugees would prevent innocents from settling here thus “killing them off’.  Nativism  is the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.  Because there was just one out of 8 terrorists who was involved in the Paris killings who came through Greece  as a refugee, now Governors want to sacrifice the Syrian Muslims so that our materialistic way of life can be preserved.   I believe in the dream, the lobby represents the House of Representatives Lobby which has a lecturn for presenting arguments for certain bills to be passed.  And when I look at the outline of a text (presumably the bill to prevent Syrian immigrants from coming), the men in the lobby are curious that I want to look at it.  In addition, the offer a bribe of a new bed in my room as payment for my silence.  This Isis and other terrorists have provoked a reactionary energy in our country by its barbaric sacrifices in the name of religion and this, indeed, is why so many Governors in USA now refuse to take Syrian refugees and give them safe haven in their states.  This is a knee-jerk reaction based on fear, and is irrational.   So I cannot be quiet about our government which is taking a nativistic position in relation to these occurrences.   We in America have a reactionary history having its roots in ‘native’ Americans against the Chinese, Irish, Italians and in Europe in the 16 century against those foreigners in London who were threatened with violence, molestation and finally expulson. I will not be silent about this xenophobia. Even though my bills are paid by my Government and my daily bread and lodgings depend on it. (Wikipedia)

The Astrology behind this dream:  Aspects of Age Point (AP) contacts and transits in my chart:  AP in the 12th house (house of secrets, self-undoing,  karma ) quincunx to Uranus in my  7th house( which has to do with fair partnerships, justice  and my understanding  of  being subtly co-opted by the people who provide me a place to live to keep quiet -the dormitory owners- the power brokers- the Governors.  Transits: Uranus conjunct my Moon in the 4th  house, (family, ancestry and belonging). Thus on an emotional level (Moon) I have an awareness of transcendental knowledge  about my sense of belonging to my country (America) and that xenophobia (fear of Syrian refugees coming to USA) is a reactionary response…



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How to keep a dream log

How to keep a dream log or diary for interpretation. Purely for practical reasons, we need to give instruction on how to remember dreams, record them and work with them. The first instruction is to sleep without an alarm clock and do not hastily arise in the morning. But lie there, being open to the images of the dream life upon awakening but do not move. Keep a notebook with 2 sections: Daily log, and Dream enlargement sections. The following are excerpts from At a Journal Workshop:82

You would need to create a journal or workbook with two divisions: Daily log and then with a tab: Dream Enlargements

a. Daily Log. How did you feel upon awakening?
b. Write down the dream images as they occur here that effect your beginning day.
1. Give the dream a name but save for later the full exposition in your dream enlargement section. A dream has a beginning, an action section and ending so be sure you put all these components in writing.
2.Recapitulation and current recording of the day’s events. Recapture at the end of the day all your feelings related to the day.
3.Recapture the general movement of your emotions from event to event. You can do a current recording as you go or you can also jot it down at the end of the day.
4.At the end of your day, reread the dream of today. Now working alone close your eyes breathe deeply and poised above your notebook go to the dream enlargement section of your journal. Wait. In your mind re-enter the dream of the day with a date and continue to be aware of images, feelings and actions in the dream. Now on the screen of the mind’s eye guide the development of the dream. You do not restrict or direct this process. Recording our associations with people, places and things in our life, we record the dream extension. Stop and reread what you have written so far. We become aware of the feelings and emotions in us as those experiences were taking place. We also record these inner responses in the Dream enlargement section using some key questions: What was the atmosphere and tone that accompanied the dream? What awareness is kindled in you? Is the dream communicating a message to you? Do you perceive hints and indicators now after you have recorded it and are reading it back as a unit from your daily log.
c. Relax and if the dream is a recurrent distressing dream of the trauma imagine a different ending to the dream and write it down.

We will refer the reader to Jungian Dream Analysis methods as explicated in Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal Workbook, Dialogue House Associates, Inc. 80 East11th Street- Suite 305, New York, New York, 10003-6008.

The Anima in Man; personal example of dreams guiding the feminine within


Hypothesis- Anima and Saturn in the Radix (Natal), House and Moon Node Charts


The anima, animus and shadow are Jungian concepts- elements of the unconscious psyche that are revealed by analysis of dreams. It is important to realize they are inner parts of ourselves that give life to our motivations and convince our egos that their projections are real.


Word of Caution and retraction:  The images of the anima are purely subjective and I can only relate to those aspects that appeared in my own development.  I don’t speak  for all men because their individual images may be vastly different. 


The Anima has developmental images depending on the maturity of the man and is usually projected onto a female at different stages of his development;  he is usually attracted to a mate that in some form embodies the projection of his Anima.  There are positive and negative Anima figures: For example, in youth the man may be attracted to physical beauty- the pin up, the beauty queen who embodies all the traits of blossomed out sexuality; its negative form is the “bitch or Evil Woman as the rock group Electric Light Orchestra indicated in that song with no interest in man’s ego (Amazon type). Some men do not develop their Animas beyond the sexual projections of woman; this immature fixated state is what attracts men to pornography which can devolve into an obsession with females as sexual objects. That is what is termed possession by the Anima (or autonomous complex).  The task to maturity is to withdraw the projections from actual women and see the female images of the Anima as a provocative inner muse that leads him to artistic expression and is not to be projected on an actual female but an attribute or sub-personality (Jung’s autonomous complex) in one’s own psyche.  The male is inspired to great works in painting, in music, in sculpture. In other arts, or is devoted to the search for the unknown by the anima(the spiritual quest).  But if further development and maturity of the Anima happens then, in young adulthood, the Anima vitalizes in the man the image of the Earth Mother, nurturing, giving birth, feeding the babies, and taking care of the nest or the negative image of the engulfing woman who is possessive and a ‘man eater’ creating fear of death in him .Another form is the Mediatrix who channels psychic material of  unconscious images as a prophetess or mediumistic contacting spirits. Her negative form is the Witch.   In mature adult hood, the anima may take the form of the Equal Companion who is worldly and a supporter to the ego of male identity (Hetaira). The negative form is the mythological Hecate, the woman of the crossroads who has power to manipulate through guilt and cunning and ravages him by taking possessions, his youth, his life substance. In later adulthood, beyond 40, the Anima may take the form of Jung’s blind seer  Sophia, an entity like the Virgin Mary leading man to wholeness and peace as he embodies elements of the feminine within the masculine.  . The negative form may be the woman who drags a man into depths of depravity and vulgarity and ultimately to his own destruction, the Whore.  .(The Feminine, Ulanov, pps. 189, 197)



The process of psychological development in the male occurs “… the ego personality emerges from pure unconsciousness, the transformative character also becomes independent and is experienced as such.  The transformative character (the Anima) drives us toward development. Both positive and negative experiences of the elementary character of the Anima are examples of the ambivalence that is typical of the Great Mother…The male experiences this aspect of the Feminine directly and indirectly as provocative, as a force that sets him in motion and impels him toward change…The anima or soul image which the male experiences in the female, is his own inner femininity and soulfulness, an element of his own psyche.  But the Anima as Jung pointed out from the very first is formed in part by the male’s personal as well as archetypal experience of the Feminine.  The man’s Anima figure, which has found it expression in myth and art of all times, is  a product of genuine experience of the nature of the Feminine. “ (Neuman, Erich, The Great Mother Bollingen Foundation Inc. NY, NY. Pantheon Books, 1955 p.  30-33)’


This element of the unconscious, the Anima, is found symbolically within the Huber Astrological Psychological method by its house placement , aspects to it, and its sign; all 3 Huber horoscopes have Saturn as the mother archetype, and as an “ego” planet.  This concept is different from traditional astrology which assigned to Saturn a more masculine role. I cannot agree that  influences of eroticism, manipulation of others, need for contact with women mentioned above is the domain of Saturn.  Venus, Pluto and the Moon also play a role because they represent psychological drives for man’s contact with women influencing psychosexual stages of development: say from youth to age 40.  For the Hubers Saturn is symbolic of our need for safety and security in a physical body first and foremost and as such is necessary to a solid foundation in building a sound and strong physical vehicle with which to deal with everyday reality.  Our mothers or caretaker usually taught us how to take care of ourselves, get enough rest, eat right, exercise and ensure for our survival needs.  This is explained more in the Huber book The Planets (p. 41) and forms the basis of how men relate to women but it is not the whole story.  Saturn first shows up in infancy and throughout the life of a man as an overarching Feminine symbol; aspects and placements of Venus, Pluto and the Moon also play a role in the way man sees woman.  They symbolize psychological drives that more or less color the Anima image with  drives depending on the aspects between Saturn, Moon, Pluto and Venus and other planets.

If we extrapolate from the personal anima to the universal archetype of the feminine principle found in all cultures and at all times in history symbolized by Saturn, we come up with the Great Mother Archtype.The Saturn placement in the three Huber charts can represent the Great Mother and its development through Karmic influences (Moon Node Horoscope), as developed by natural talent (Natal Horoscope) and environmental influences (House Horoscope). The Great Mother is represented by Saturn as illustrated by Bruno and Louise Huber’s comments in The Planets below :

“In connection with the earth and matter, Saturn has been known as the Great Mother since time immemorial. We know from our own experience how feelings of well being and protection provided by the mother can make us feel good about ourselves. Saturn’s maternal nature demands that everything is in order and all dangers and sources of disruption are eliminated. As a protective power, Saturn wants to be completely sure that everything runs smoothly. That is the minimal demand for the basic need for security. A mother constantly watches over her child so that it comes to no harm. She is always on call and sees to the vital necessities. For the child she is the life-preserving entity who provides everything, feeds, protects and guides. As the maternal function, Saturn brings up the child to be a responsible adult who is able to look after himself and control matter.” Saturn’s position in the horoscope reveals the influence of the mother ; universal symbols of the Great Mother are depicted in ancient cultures from preliterate times.   Isis has elements of the terrible mother and good mother which is a projected form of the inward plane of the collective unconscious contents. (Neuman. P 20. The Great Mother ).  Also:

As inward phenomena they are not assigned to the outside world immediately but they retain, as in the case of dreams, their psychic energy which reaches a point of tension and until one awakens and  finds an outward form in  a woman upon whom one can project this Anima image.  A man is usually unaware of this process unless he remembers his dreams. Thus the dream world transforms this inner image via of the man’s  ego onto an  outside correlate and animates his conscious ego identity to find her in external form.  He thinks he may have made a discovery but he has just made real a projection from his own unconscious Anima.

It is the early development of the anima that is important to understand as it is based on the male’s first relationship with an important female figure in his life to whom he bonded wit (usually the mother).  Since the male cannot identify with the female as she is biologically different, he then relates to objects rather than relationships at an early age.  Thus, he develops an unconscious and maybe an ideal image of the Anima who will be his female counterpart in his psycho-sexual development.


As the Anima compels the man to action.  It also shows up as a female image in his dreams.  The confluence in time of an anima dream can coincide with the Age point traveling through the houses and point out a message that can give one new faith in a higher inner authority.

Consider the author’s dream from 3/27/1996 (Natal Age point conjunct with Pluto in the 8th house symbolizing rebirth)

“I was sitting with a group of men who were sitting cross legged in a yoga position. There were glassy eyed as if stoned but I did not see any drugs. Above them hovered an Indian Goddess. Her eyes were slightly off center and she did not touch the ground but stared passively at me. She had a head dress. “


As one is impelled by the Anima to act, one’s guide on a spiritual level can, in fact, be quite tangible as the Mediatrix leads one to discoveries of enhanced consciousness.     I propose that in the Moon Node chart Saturn represents a most karmic form of the Great Mother as an Anima image.  This tendency may be transmitted from the Collective unconscious and highlights to us what can give us safety and security. In my Moon Node chart , Saturn sits in the 8th house with the potential of rebirth on psychic and physical levels; also Saturn is not aspected. In the practice of Yoga, Saturn has both positive (peace and calm) qualities and relatively negative ones (withdrawal from the illusory world). In the House and Natal Charts Saturn is situated in my 9th house and represents a more developed spiritually conscious symbol of the Anima or Great Mother. I have been practicing yoga since 1969 where I was taught the Hatha Yoga technique in Detroit, Michigan. Saturn in the 9th house compels me to the practice of yoga as a spiritual discipline and as a source of security to balance out my involvement with the world of my ego. I propose the Feminine was working through my anima in a dream bringing me back to the security of a spiritual discipline (as I had not been practicing regularly for 30 years). She guided me as Saturn , The Great Mother, to be more responsible for my spiritual development. Since 2000, I have been practicing Hatha Yoga 5-6 days a week .

Therefore, I submit that the Saturn in the 9th house in the Radix/House horoscopes and the dream synchronistically predisposed me to living the experience of Hatha yoga in my spiritual life (9th house represents change in consciousness and spirituality). To me Yoga practice centers me on my body and gives me a security by going inward in a busy outer world experience. I practice it 20 minutes a day and find the inward peace and calming influence vital to my sense of security.

To be in contact with the symbols of the anima or Great mother as symbolized in the dream and represented by Saturn in the Radix horoscope can lead one to realize one’s spiritual guides as well as providing direction for anima/ animus development.  But one must not be afraid of these images as they are sometimes anxiety provoking.  The main issue is to own one;s own projections of  images as part of our animating psyche which unconsciously directs and manages our lives from within.  To be receptive to dreams, the images that come from meditation, and artistic inspiration is to become one with the Anima within.Scanage progressionJohn D Grove triple

Case Study Cynthia- An Astrological Psychology analysis and treatment

The animus  has been associated an unconscious complex in  female psychology  according C.G. Jung’s pschoanalytic model  (Hall, James A. The Jungian Experience, 1986 p.36).  The Sun in the Huber method is symbolic of the will and is an ego planet.  It can be a conscious structure that mediates between the inner world and reality (of relationships) (Huber, Louise and Bruno, The Planets, 1006, p.34).  In the personal sphere of relationships, the animus can be cold, nonpersonal and take a general nature of critical remarks made to others with whom the person is emotionally close. (Hall, James, p. 81). The animus in a woman can subvert the intentions of the Sun  ego and undermine the will effecting relationships by it subtle emotional distancing.

In the Huber method, the Sun in the natal chart represents  “a consciousness in which we stick to our own thoughts, convictions and opinions… The thinking self therefore has the power to discriminate, judge, react clearly and lucidly to the world with greater self-confidence, as a real I-entity taking full responsibility for its actions.”( Huber, Louise and Bruno, The Planets, 2006 p. 34).  The animus as an unconscoious structure can interact with the ego in negative ways and thus create conflicts in relationships.  The aspects (or lack thereof) to the Sun, its position in the natal chart and it’s sign can give hints to the way in which the animus can contaminate the ego without our being able to stop it.

In the natal chart the Sun , represents her relationship with the father.  The father historically in a female’s life represents the first male she has an emotionally intimate relationship with growing up. The archetype of the father is reflected in many possible manifestations of the real father: an invisible father or present force, disengaged or  involved father, (in)dependent father, an authority father,  a monster or hero father , a warrior or tyrant father, a thinking or reacting father.

“The Sun’s position provides useful psychological information about the father.  It shows how we live the masculine paternal principle and can realise it with ourselves…The Sun’s position usually tells us something about our real father.  If weak we too lack self confidence and are afraid to assert ourselves and frequently suffer from low self esteem.”(Huber, Louise and Bruno, The Planets, 2006 p.34). Thus, aspects, position in the Houses and sign of the Sun  in the female’s chart can represent how she relates unsconsciously not only to her biological father but also how her ego, her self awareness and confidence in her ego strengths is manifested in male relationships.

Most psychotherapies are designed to build a healthy “executive function” of the ego through interventions to enhance cognitive strategies  (Freud, Anna, The Ego and Mechanisms of Defense, 1936).  The ego then, is perceived as the center of the psyche with ultimate say in the every day functioning of life. For human development and realization of potentials for growth, it is necessary to have a healthy ego to survive.  But what happens if healthy ego development is hampered by factors which weaken it and subvert its role in personality development?  What our concern is here are the unconscious determinants at play in the psyche that create attitudes that reveal self defeating behavior patterns that interfere with development and self realization.  These unconscious attitudes are revealed by analyzing the position of the Sun in the natal, its aspects and sign and consequently, its relationship to the animus.

In the course of child development, the  female’s relationship with her father is introjected or internalized  and predisposes her to react/relate a certain way with the male friends, co-workers, etc… Early psychoanalysts in the 1900’s were somewhat limited in seeing woman as independent agents, with careers and autonomy.  As Jung believed,  “In women Eros is an expression of their true nature- the need to create and relate. (As she uses Logos) she gives rise to misunderstandings and annoying interpretations in the family circle and among friends. The animus consists of opinions instead of reflections or assumptions that lay claim to absolute truth. “ (C.G. Jung,Aion, 1978 p. 14).  We have come a long way from that understanding of female psyche: now we see women as independent agents, with healthy ego development using or not using Eros images at will.  She can also use Logos or thinking.

I am linking the concept of the animus and the Sun in the natal chart.  How  are they relevant to and  associated with female autonomy and  creation of psychic predispositions or attitudes toward men?     Thus,  an  ever-evolving inner image from this paternal introject is  morphed into  unconscious attitudes and assumptions about the opposite sex.  These assumptions can play a role in the capacity to attract or repel certain types of men.  Men, that resemble in certain ways the father figure in the woman and are further understood by examining the Sun in the woman’s natal chart.

This inner image of the male inside the feminine psyche creates a changing symbol which can develop through the life cycle. In dreams the animus appears as a male figure depending on the development of the animus in the woman’s psyche.  Immature dream images are foreign men, brutes, robbers, and monster men such as vampires.  Mature animus images are wise old man, professor, magician, guide, or savior.  These dream images actually refer to the woman’s male counterpart inside herself which can be useful in asserting herself to the world.  As each individual has male and female chromosomes, we find these contra-sexual images in both males and females.

At earliest stages during the teen years, it can be projected as “love” of the hero, the warrior, the muscle man- tall, dark and handsome, emphasizing physical characteristics.  As a the female matures so can  her inner image of the animus as she can “love” the magician, the professor, the spiritual guru, the master.  she is really loving a projected part of her Self.  If she develops with the help  of a more positive  external experience and learns to have insight into her visual image projections of what a man represents to her; she can learn to recognize these images as her male side- the animus.   Many spiritual guides are females  who have evolved a mature animus which with a  well-developed ego and an awareness of their animus projections; they can bring loving and healing support to others. In this case they have transcended their assumptions of males and own their  animus as part of their relational identities.  But in cases where the animus possesses their hosts with negative  assumptions,  they tend toward destructive patterns in their life.

Jung identified animus possessions as autonomous complexes or as Assagioli calls them sub-personalities (Psychosynthesis: the elements and beyond, Parfitt, Will p. 220) which are in part identity and relational  structures in the psyche. (Hall, James, The Jungian Experience, Analysis and Individuation,1986 p. 36; ).  If you can imagine a mental state in which a woman is calculating-  her thinking, filled with malice and intrigue  that gets her into a state that she even wishes the death of others to achieve her own ends.   Thus, she identifies with  her inner image, externalized; she is possessed by a negative animus or sub-personality.  As this image is projected,  not internalized and made conscious as part of her own psychic ego state; this  process is  unconscious and she does not realize that the  male opponents she attracts and perceives, have been created out of her own unawareness of her animus.

If negative male experiences traumatize a young woman, this inner image can congeal into a robber, thief or monster that is projected on men and result into outward hatred of men. Consider our case study Cynthia Burbank who had a negative animus possession.

Cynthia had a difficult childhood full of traumas.  The sudden death of her mother created an inner child experience that compounded her  awareness that she lacked protection from the nurturer.   Saturn is stressed right before the 1st house which indicates her  holding back with restraint ‘fear to be born’ which is ripe for ego battles in encounters accompanied by fear of failure. (The Planets, Huber,p232).Pluto is stressed before the MC and exaggerates the ego powers to create a better world; when she witnessed her father beating her sister, she was probably wanting to intervene and be a catalyst for change in her family.  She could not help her sister let alone herself.   The MOON is at the Low Point(LP) of the 3rd House and her Sun is unaspected at the LP of the 2nd house conjunct an unaspected Node.  These indicate that she is not capable of expressing her will and needed to develop as a person by following others if she hoped to build self worth and grow as a person.  But how could she follow others, if she cannot trust that she will be safe and secure?   Thus she may have felt she had to keep a partner as a codependent having the delusion that she could control their angry moods even her husband who treated her badly (Node in 2nd house and South Node in the 8th house).

Cynthia’s unconscious attitude  and image of a male partner manifested in a partner “Bluebeard, who secretly kills all his wives in a hidden chamber. “ (M. Von Frantz, Man and His Symbols, 1964).  How could she feel secure and love such a man?  Since this image was projected outward in the form of her husband who robbed her many times, she may have tried to reform him as many co-dependents do.    But since Cynthia’s animus was bound with a man who was a criminal, who raped her and who beat her in a blind fury whenever the mood struck him, she was engaged with a narcissistic emotional manipulator who would not ever treat her fairly.(The Human Magnet Syndrome, p. 104, Rosenberg, Ross)   Her psychological set up and life experience attracted people, situations and events that  poisoned her relationship with men and further traumatized her.  She did not have the ego strengths to stand on her own and became a codependent with a narcissistic manipulator.  How could she but carry assumptions and opinions that all men were cruel, stupid and mean?   What was really happening was a self fulfilling prophesy buried deep in her psyche, based an animus projection and possession.

What we want to show with the case of Cynthia is how a negative animus father- image which was reflected in her unaspected Sun and Node in her natal chart, may have contributed to  a life pattern of self-imprisonment. And how eventually through therapy, her life was turned around.

Cynthia2  Cynthia’s  Sun and Node was unaspected in the  low point (LP) of the 2nd house. Cynthia’s Sun, “act(ed) independently and often unconsciously…and (was) not integrated into her chart as a whole and therefore, not a fully integrated part of the personality. (Hopewell, Joyce and Llewelyn, Richard.  The Cosmic Egg Timer,2004 p. 69) . Cynthia would project her negative  inner male onto others and see them as controlling her.  With a stressed Saturn before the 1st house and the Moon in a one way aspect to it, Cynthia’s inner child reached out for protection and safety toward men.  But she was trapped in a battle within herself as she could not obtain the type of reciprocal relationship that would allow equality.   So she ended up being a victim of abuse.  The only solution was to fight her way out of power struggles with men to become a fully integrated being.    Consequently,  after a series of abusive events in her relationship with her husband, she eventually stabbed him with a pair of scissors. And she ended up in jail.

Thus these introjections of the male animus started with the father reflected a self fulfilling prophesy playing itself out in Cynthia’s  life.    Was she destined to live out such self destructive patterns indefinitely?  Her therapy with the late Maureen Demot, a Jungian astrologer, helped turn her life around.  In 2000, her Age Point was in the 8th house and opposed to her natal Sun.  Transits of Saturn square Saturn, Pluto Conjunction of Natal Venus helped tear down her false beliefs about the powerlessness of her life.   With Maureen’s guidance, the negative tape loops in her life were resolved in psychotherapy and her inner animus image of the imprisoned male died away…she finally left her husband for good.  This process was difficult for her, she had to take responsibility for creating her own reality.  She eventually  found that she had the potential to live a life that had no compulsions to be with a partner and she was free from  the  vortex of bad relationships.  To do this she needed to integrate her subpersonality of the co-dependent and seek in the environment an autonomous yet  alone identity.  She found this and then in some future time, she maybe could relate to men again without negative assumptions which could lead to her own entrapment again.

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Book: Dreams and Astrological Psychology

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Jungian understanding of the psyche points the way forward, and John suggests that we can each become our own psychologist to begin to understand the puzzle of our own psychic existence. Our dreams and our astrological chart provide keys that help us to unlock this puzzle and realize our true potential as psychologically healthy and balanced individuals, thus raising the level of our collective experience.

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Titanic disaster as foretold in a dream



TitanicTelepathy also known as thought transference occurs mostly in dreaming. It is usually between people who have a close intimate relationship and can usually appear in two forms, related to a crisis or danger or ‘reading’ the thoughts of another which is a secret.[1] Telepathic experiences that are spontaneous occur about 65% in dreams. Precognition is the knowledge of something in advance by some extrasensory means.  Precognition and crisis telepathy could occur before an event and in fact can be used as a warning. (see Carl Jung).  This brings up the issue of whether there have been cases in which knowing something in a dream beforehand actually changed the course of a catastrophic event.  The only evidence we have is on a personal level between family members; e.g. when a person did not take a flight that was doomed due to a dream; or did attend a child near the water as warned by a dream and instead prevented her child about to fall in the water instead of being distracted and going into the house and getting a lemonade.  Below is a dream of J. Connon Middleton who dreamed of the disaster of the Titanic before it happened.   In his case, he  was told  to cancel his passage but  he did not warn anyone of his dream.

Mr. J. Connon Middleton, an English businessman, booked passage on the Titanic on the 23rd of March. About a week later. i.e., ten days before the sailing date, he dreamt “that I saw her (the Titanic) floating on the sea, keel upwards and her passengers and crew swimming around her.” The following night he experienced the same dream. These dreams made him “uncomfortable,” and he was subsequently “most depressed and even despondent”. Mr. Middleton did not cancel his passage until about four days after the first dream. He did so then because he had received a cable from the United States telling him that for business reasons he should postpone his sailing for a few days. After he cancelled his ticket, Mr. Middleton told members of his family and friends about his dream prior to the actual sailing and sinking of the ship. They subsequently testified that he had done this. Two of the persons to whom Mr. Middleton had told his dreams mentioned in their reports that Mr. Middleton had told them (in addition to the details given above) that in his dream he himself “seemed to be floating in the air just above the wreck.” Mrs. Middleton stated that her husband “never dreams” and had certainly never had a dream of this kind before.[2]

The horoscope of the Titanic as seen here and interpreted by the Huber method has decidedly different merits than traditional astrology in order to interpret events.  Below are three features of the horoscope of the Titanic based on  the time it started to sink:

  1. The pictorial image produced by the chart’s connecting aspect pattern shows all the planets located in the 1st and 2nd and 3rd quadrants of the chart and looks like a sinking vessel in the process of nestling (with the sun at the lowest point) on the bottom of the sea.  The cascading of downward movement seems to occur on the YOU side of the chart on the right side.
  2. Dynamic counting[3] (a Huber method) as it is called gives number differences attributed to the # of planets in the signs and is symbolic of hereditary ( a metaphor for the inherent structures of the ship) and # of planets in the houses and symbolic of the collision with the environment ( a metaphor for the iceberg).  These numbers offer information about innate qualities and the influences that were received by the environment. In the horoscope of the Titanic, 95 is the dynamic number of planets in signs which indicates the structural integrity of the ship; 146 is the dynamic number of planets in signs which indicates the forces from the environment.  A difference above +25 shows an overall stress score from the environment.  In fact the difference between the two is +51 and indicates environmental stress beyond the capacity of the structure of the ship to withstand.
  3. The Sun and Moon both ego planets are thwarted in their expression by being close to the Low Points of the 4th and 3rd houses respectively. Low Point placement of the Sun represents difficulty in development of willing and thinking in the outside world. Low Point  position of the Moon indicates the  repression  of a reciprocal nurturing attitude in contacts with others.  Egoists have traits that have selfish motives above all other considerations.[4]  If we can accept that the Titanic as a vehicle was used by its captain to ‘loudly’ express what the ship could do; then we can surmise that he thought to show that the ship was invincible, could go through iceberg laden waters at full speed and the effects of this action on its passengers was inconsequential.  The operators of the Titanic were gambling to make a “show” of will  regardless of the risk involved;  in that sense they were blind to what natural obstructions existed in their path.

My horoscope interpretation of the sinking of the Titanic shows a doomed vessel which could not, in sum, dominate the immovable object of the iceberg and its captain threw caution to the wind.   The  psychological image or picture shows a  ship which can be imagined to be sinking from the You side of the chart, not taking into account the need for individual responsibility but a slave to what other people think.  The planet Jupiter on the cusp of the first house in its ‘Asleep state’[5]is symbolized by Narcissism and exaggerated self confidence.[6] Jupiter is strong by sign in Sagittarius and on the cusp of the first house but it is not part of the  overall aspect pattern.  This indicates a feeling of not being in control of the environment[7] and is compensated by over-exuberant assertiveness which acts as a sub-personality risking passengers’ lives and betting on the ship’s strengths against the forces of nature.

We can see that Mr. Middleton’s dream was precognitive but it did no one any good because it was a silent, reverberating fear in his  mind.  At the ship’s fateful hour of doom with it speeding toward an immovable iceberg , the theme of machine against nature overwhelming any sensitive and rational caution or concern for its passengers becomes the folly of all in charge of the ship.  What can be learned by this disaster is that it offers  warnings to us  in the 21st century.   A warning to inform authorities of telepathic precognitive dreams and hopefully to have them respectfully listened to. And a warning to lessen the hubris which dismisses the doubts of the superiority of man-made products over Nature and to respect Her ability to obstruct even the most powerful machines.


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The Battle of Gettysburg foretold in a dream?


untitledThe battle of Gettysburg was on July 2,3 1863.  Priscilla Hunt (or Priscilla Hunt Cadwallader, as she was later known) made her Gettysburg Prophecy which was said to have been made “about” 1832. She was both respected and beloved in the Quaker community and her sermons and impressive accounts of her psychic talents seem to have been widely circulated.  This is an example of a prophesy that was a dream or a vision.  In any case it is instructive that dreams or prophesies occur without linear time references.  That means years before event, a vision or a dream can occur.  She died before the civil war broke out!  Below is what Priscilla received in a message some 30 years in the future:

“I hear in the distance, and approaching, the sound of war’s dread alarms. I see the Southern men, like tigers, leaping in the arena. clairvoyant I see the horses and the horsemen rushing to battle. I hear sword clashing against sword. I see blood running like water, in which are rolled many thousands of human garments. The sons of many of you, who now hear me, will be in that awful carnage! Many of them will be slain: birds of the air will devour their flesh, and their bones be left bleaching in summer’s sun and wintry winds! I may live to see these dreadful times, or, I may not; but many of you will hear from yonder hills [pointing to hills about Gettysburg] the sounds of the awful conflict, bursting the bondmen’s fetters; yea, the very ground whereon we are to-day will tremble as by an earthquake. I do not know when these things will be, but whoever lives fifty years longer will see this government all changed— and that, too, by the sword, in regard to African slavery. When that awful day shall come, then woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitants of this land.”

  1. H. Nixon

Light Vol. 10, 1890


The magical child




Carolyn Myss (source Sacred Contracts)  has a series of archetypes which she says we all hold in common.  One is the child.  This archetype is also identified in the Huber Astrological Psychology method by the Moon and its placement in the Natal chart.  In US Astrology, the Moon symbolizes the Mother.  Not so in Huber  astrological psychology.  Bruno Huber noted that the Moon stands for our ego drive  for getting sympathetic understanding and compassion in reaching out to others.  It is sensitive and very tuned into whether it is accepted or rejected by others.  So please keep in mind that the Moon in my horoscope i shall be interpreting as the inner child.

Before I report a dream I want to further define the Child archetype:  The magical/ innocent which I will cover here is part of a subpersonality in my psyche which personally has to do with aspects to my Natal Moon which is in the 4th house and opposed Neptune in the 10th house square the Sun in the 2nd  and trine Pluto in the 9th house.  Qualities of the magical/innocent child archetype is ” sees potential beauty in all things; embodies wisdom and courage in the face of difficult circumstances; is gifted with imagination and the belief that every thing is possible.  In the shadow aspect: it manifests a lack of faith in miracles and transformation; attitudes of pessimism and depression; and the belief that energy and action are not required, allowing one to retreat into fantasy.  To verify if this archetype is active in one’s psyche , there should be a history of having negative circumstances from early life and a pattern of transcendence over these unfortunate events” (Source Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss).  My autobiography finds that my childhood was a chaotic time in which my alcoholic father created near bankruptcy in my family, was responsible for drinking and driving and wrecking when I was in his car, and I was traumatized by this and other negative events in my family.

Subpersonalities can be used to guide us or lead us astray.  The dream I am about to reveal is one that shows its qualities as a guide positively.

“Dream- 6/2/2015  I was with a little boy and we were riding in a car.

(See picture: I amplify my dreams by drawing images to expand the meaning as C.G. Jung and many depth psychologists did)

I asked the child if he was young or old- he said ‘young’.   I asked him if he was big or little- he said ‘big’.  Then suddenly appeared a large railroad car standing alone on a road. Magically about 20 baggage carts moved by themselves and surrounded the railroad car on four sides; and I was afraid that the child was trapped under the car being pinned in by the baggage carts that were flush against the car.  I thought the child was stuck under the car but he appeared near a place I was working and was looking at me.  I was engaged in an activity of breaking up old cement sidewalks using a sledge hammer to break up the cement in order to create a new path.  I asked (the child) for a wheelbarrow to put the chunks of cement in.

Interpretation:  The child is that part of me that transcends danger and magically gets free.  The child is a guide , a magical child who leads me to build new pathways and is invulnerable to setbacks, dangers  and digressions.  The new pathway I am on deals with a new role I have as an astrological psychologist.  The transmutation I have made is I  am stamping out the old behaviors (as a diagnostic psychotherapist) which were made of cement (hard to change in my career as a psychotherapist) and that is the task I am dealing with right now.  The reason these behaviors need changed is that the new attitude required of a astrological psychologist is one of openness, non-directive and non- judgmental receptivity to client’s  presentations in a consultation format.  So i am getting rid of these old behaviors and building anew path.

Although this interpretation is personal.  We are all on a “magical mystery tour” through our own lives.  I believe that our dreams show us what kind of journey we are on and they are accessible to everyone.  I draw parallells to my own life and my own natal chart because that is what gives meaning to the journey.