Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide

In my latest book on Age Point Progression soon to come out on, I take the reader  through the life cycle comparing the 12 psychological phases of development created by Bruno Huber  with Erik Erikson’s 8 stages of man.  What is depicted below is a cycle of development  of purely psychological crises as one’s Age Point (calculated by Astrological Psychology methods) moves through the circle. Depending on your age and aspects to sensitive points in your natal chart, you will have to face different crises or opportunities.  In my new Book : Life Passages, I propose that  the dreams we have at these critical times correlate and give direction to our lives and how we can learn what solutions psychologically are needed in response.  It is truly a marriage of Astrological psychology and depth psychology of the type that Carl Jung proposed.  In that book I give you dreams of six volunteers who had dreams at significant times in their lives and how their dream interpretations are reflected in the context of their developmental struggles at the time.

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