Crisis of Our Times

“I had a dream on 6/13/2016 of a fear I have.  It was that I was seeking out a woman named Vera (Truth?) who I wanted to help me with the information on the kind of creatures roaming about  killing people at night.  She told me about the Raptors, a kind of dinosaur that are ravishing our countryside.  I wanted Vera to tell me if and when they were coming.  She said they are already here and I knew that there was nothing we could do to protect ourselves from them except to be prepared.  ”

This dream is on the wake of the 49 dead in Orlando in which ISIS inspired killer Saddiqi Omar Mateen used a military assault weapon to gun down over 100 people in a night club early Sunday morning. (6/11/2016).   I fear we are being stalked by cretures that are incapable of reason, religious fanatics who will kill all who don’t see the world as they do.  We are in a global crisis where these entities in the name of religion stalk and kill non-believers and those who embody lifestyles considered forbidden in their religious belief system.

C. G. Jung believed that mythology of a culture in crisis on a collective level is parallel to individual dreams on a personal level. (Crossing the Event Horizon, Zap, Jonathon, p. 7, 2012) .   Now we have symbolism of the Raptor,   carnivorous three-toed creatures from the Mesozoic era, that used its teeth and claws to disembowel prey and then consume them.  And these creatures were featured  in my dream. By analogy,  we have  humans  who carry out  killings in the name of religion, namely radical fanatics who combine a presumed (psychotic) divine (God) purpose with that of a voracious, carnivorous reptile (Raptor).  This combination of God with a reptile is  a syzygy or conjunction of opposites…ripe for a mythological story.

On the cultural , collective level we have the crisis of global terrorism;  and we have Raptors being associated with a God which rules the vicious and murderous side of religions.  Creating adherents which stalk the earth punishing and killing anyone who does not believe as they do.  What is the combination image that symbolizes this conjunction of opposites, the syzygy?- Raptor Jesus.

What is Raptor Jesus?  The origin of the Raptor Jesus searches on the internet according to Google Insights,  first  began on Spetember 11,2005.  Coincidence or syncronicity?   This probably had some connection with a Creationist contention that Jesus and his disciples walked with the dinosaurs 2000 years ago . This idea became a joke to associate Jesus being contemoraneous with these ancient creatures.   It is interesting that the association of the Raptor Jesus image morphed into  a video Game (Kongregate games)  which is an art form along with science fiction in which mythological images can appear.  In one game scenario Raptor Jesus is fighting with Chuck Norris.

I use the analogy of Raptor in the dream only because it came to me out of the blue.  I have no agenda to idnetify Christian Creationists beliefs  as dismissive or any religious system of belief.  What strikes me is the way the image of Raptor Jesus embodies the combination of murder and religious belief, put in the form of extinct creature with the Divine who was a  killing machine.   It  highlights the ancient, primitive and archaeic predator in my dream which is  Mateen the murderer who killed 49 people.  Those who are gay and American in a Christian culture wee targets on Sunday.  Mateen embodies and lives out perfectly the  Raptor Jesus  mythology (see Wiki pedia, Raptor Jesus) in which  we are going back in time and  to a level of predatory belief systems in which if you don’t believe as I do, you will be killed.

Raptor JesusSo the story continues, it does not matter who or what system of belief promotes the killing of outsiders; the fact that it is a real part of life today and the myth of our times is a stark reality we all face.  Or refuse to face, at our peril.

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