Freud , Jung and dreamwork in connection to Age Point Progression in Astrological Psychology

Sigmund Freud as  the father of the theory of the unconscious  wrote the first description of dreaming and dreamwork in his series of lectures to the University of Vienna from 1915-1917, A General Introduction to Psycho-analysis.   In it he explained that dreams are the “means of removing, by hallucinatory satisfaction, mental stimuli that disturb sleep” (P. 122).  He believed dreams have meaning as wish-fulfillments and these come from instinctual drives- e.g. to have sex, to have power, to kill,  to create and to die.  He asserted in Totem and Taboo that  pre-literate humans had taboos within their clan against incest and marrying within the totem.  A totem is defined as  the extended family beyond the nuclear family who share the same veneration for an animal for which they identified and revered, (e.g.  the Bear Totem, the Wolf Totem). For these ancestors there was in their unconscious,  when their instincts compelled them  to outwardly act (to kill an enemy or to have sex with a woman of the clan), a conflict within due to the social taboos within the clan.  Freud and Jung theorized  for post literate peoples living at the time of their popularity that when obsessive, recurrent or highly emotional dreams occur which are not normally associated with the personal associations or experience of the dreamer, then these they believed to be ‘archaic remnants’- thought forms whose presence cannot be explained by anything in the individual’s own life but seem to be aboriginal , innate and inherited patterns in the human mind. (The Undiscovered Self, Jung, 1957, p. 107).

Now 100 years later, we revisit their theories of dream interpretation, symbolism and how to work with dreams that have relevance to our current level of civilization.  The hypothesis that complexes of opposite tendencies exist within the unconscious is a well known tenant of psycho-analytic theory.  A conflict exists in modern humans- to act out feelings, drives or thoughts vs. to suppress/repress them.  One only needs to see the prevalence of sexual assault, crimes of passion, murder and other criminal acts to see that we are not so very far removed from our ancestors in psychic disposition and many have acted on these impulses.

Furthermore, Carl Jung hypothesized that dreams had an additional purpose than just quelling the agitation that occurred during sleep due to instinctual conflicts.  Dreams, he theorized, had a teleological purpose too- to bring one into contact with the Self or that concept of wholeness that achieves self-awareness and self-actualization.  Jung asserted that dreams change the identity of the dreamer and motivate her to wholeness and completeness by reconciling opposites within her unconscious.  For example, if Jane submits to another person such as a male co-worker at her daily job, her dream that following night may have a compensatory effect and she could dream that she is big, powerful and strong- capable of asserting her dominance over males.  Jane’s behavior could then change the next day to asserting herself more at her job, if she had a good sense of self-esteem.  Extending his theory of the unconscious and dreams beyond Freud’s description of it as a source of conflict, Jung hypothesized that dreams had the effect of resolving inner ambivalence by changing our identities and motivating us to change our behavior.  Later on in Jung’ life near his death, he conceded that dreams may also have a way of getting us in contact with a field of consciousness in which deceased people exist and that we should investigate parapsychological phenomena objectively. (The Undiscovered Self, p. 26).   Furthermore, Jung believed that man’s self knowledge today is rather limited knowledge, most of it dependent on social factors of what goes on in the human psyche. (The Undiscovered Self, p. 5).

Jung goes on to assert:  “I have spent more than half a century investigating natural symbols, and have come to the conclusion that dreams and their symbols are not stupid or meaningless.  On the contrary,  dreams provide you with the most interesting information if you only take the time to study their symbols”, (The Undiscovered Self, p.  143)

Dreams’ symbolic meanings and the amplification of dream images can be correlated with developmental tasks that challenge us along the whole continuum of the life cycle from birth to age 72.  In my new book, Life Passages: Where Dreams and Age Point Progressions Coincide (2017), I give volunteer examples of dreams that are pre-cognitive, reflect  developmental challenges, and represent visitations from deceased persons.  I use the technique  of Age Point Progression along with planetary transits (see Joyce Hopewell’s book on Using Age Progression, 2013; ).    I base my work on  Huber methodology practised in Astrological Psychology which pinpoints  life tasks that reflect the psychological crisis as the Age Point  and transits aspect sensitive parts of the horoscope.   (Bruno and Louise Huber’s  Life Clock, Huber, 2006, p. 67 Figure 2.4  for the 36 Life Phases as expressed through houses of the horoscope.)  A dream occurring at these points in time symbolizes the issue that may need to be resolved based on developmental life tasks.

My hypothesis is we have a dream and  its Age Point/Transit coincidences on sensitive points in the horoscope signify important developmental events in the life cycle and the crises that induce the age old conflict:  inner tension to act or to suppress or not.  That tension is what innervates an unconscious complex made up of contradictory emotional feelings as it stimulates our awareness of the consequences of acting on either one set of opposites.  This psychic tension is the creative matrix out of which dream imagery occurs.  And as its psychic energy gains momentum or valence in the psychic system and is brought to consciousness (or not),  it actually changes the dreamer’s ego-identity for the time that it ‘captures’ the individual.  Then her behavior changes as her identity is infused with feelings of conviction and ideas for carrying out in action what the dream image represented on an emotional level.

Age Point progression paired with sensitive points in the horoscope provides the background for  the developmental theme behind the dream and illuminates the psychological task to be performed at a critical time in the life cycle in which it occurs.  Huber’s technique has allowed us to provide a context for interpretation of dreams that has been the developmental conflict  used in most dream interpretations.  Consider the Beatles song in St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles 1967) which illustrates developmental conflict occurring at ages 18-24 about going out on one’s own vs.  going with the concerns of the parents and their values:

  Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more
She goes down the stairs to the kitchen clutching her handkerchief

Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside she is free

She (We gave her most of our lives)
Is leaving (Sacrificed most of our lives)
Home (We gave her everything money could buy)
She’s leaving home after living alone
For so many years

[Verse 2]
Father snores as his wife gets into her dressing gown
Picks up the letter that’s lying there
Standing alone at the top of the stairs
She breaks down and cries to her husband Daddy our baby’s gone
Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly
How could she do this to me

She (We never thought of ourselves)
Is leaving (Never a thought for ourselves)
Home (We struggled hard all our lives to get by)

She’s leaving home after living alone
For so many years (Bye Bye)


Goal of humanity: Harmony thru Conflict

From the point of view of an individual who has devoted his last 40 years as a psychotherapist dealing with conflict both within individuals and between couples; and from what I experienced with recent disasters (hurricanes and natural catastrophes), wars, diversity conflict, religious conflict, I can say without a doubt that the long view of humanity at this stage is reaching for harmony through conflict.

So the Zeitgeist I hypothesize is that we reach harmony by coming to terms with the fact that we ultimately cannot kill each other because that only spawns endless conflict.  We have learned nobody is taught a lesson by killing; at least we give lip service to this  as global citizens now.  No, reaching the goal of harmony means for humanity reconciling opposites within ourselves and outside ourselves.  Trying to find harmony out of conflict is the goal of humanity.  I see this everywhere -endless conflict and then endless reconciliation.  Forgiving ourselves/others  for fighting and then reaching out in good faith is the mantra of our day.

The divorce rate is over 50% and it has been so since the Vietnam war.  There are no longer people who have guilt complexes due to the fear that they will be shunned by their community unless they stay together.  Even though in the Catholic Church, divorce is verbotene!  The church can annul marriages and they are willing to do so if you can prove that the marriage was set up on false premises.  Priests and nuns are challenged today not to suppress sexuality and sacrifice their needs for belonging and love.  The price paid for doing so has ruined so many lives due to sexual abuse by those who wear the robe.  Therefore, people are increasingly no longer willing to sacrifice a life for the sake of holy matrimony or  to devote their lives for any institution if their basic needs are not met.  They will serve others and devote their lives to that goal of loving others in humbleness and gratitude.  They will try to achieve some peace for sure, but ultimately they will divorce and split from institutions that oppress them and be reconciled to this fact.

Inner conflict in dealing with mental illness or addictions is crying out to achieve some lesson, some hope , some redemption-  out of the conflict of hating oneself for a longing and meaning that one cannot achieve.  I have found dream work to heal the  existential split within, others have found yoga, meditation and a myriad of other solutions.  But the goal is the same -harmony-finding balance within the extremes of self- hatred/self love in a recovery lifestyle.

People meet today not in the social marketplace to interact but at crisis points- during a shooting, a hurricane, a transplant,wars- a loss of some kind.  There does not seem to be meeting places based on trading life stories anymore, except on-line, where people can feel safe to meet and barter their  values in common (and sometimes that does not work at all).  That is somewhat disassociated from real life.  The goal of romantic relationship building in such a world of conflict and crisis cannot endure even though we could use more poetry.  But we don’t have time for poetry only meeting the next crisis and trying to solve it.  We are too rushed to listen.

So I suggest that the process of finding harmony is difficult- because it is something, confronting oneself/others with the risk of standing alone and that is very uncomfortable.  Our entertainment and  artistic-based culture wants to depict illusions of this solution of harmony but the very real work on a concrete level is very much avoided.  The destiny for humanity has to be to find harmony through conflict and it is going on right now in Texas, Florida, Syria, California, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe and wherever there is strife.  Since that  goal has been proved to me, I know we will keep up the good work.

Facing the Unknown

As an astrologer psychotherapist who has been at this 40 years, I have been thankful for the guided intuition of Neptune as a drive for the mystical, the ethereal yearning for the mist that just dissipates before you grasp its humidity.   Cardinal  Neptune in my 10 house helped myself explain contradictions to myself.  Why I was not out in the world asserting my identity in action for self promotion, why I preferred at times to be invisible, and at others was full of emotional inspiration that I would share thoughts with skeptics and could debate for hours.

Now at 68, I am as mature as any summer quince on a tree; and like most fruit ready to become rotten, I am now filled with a new yearning, as I feel myself decompose and my seeds disperse. The books I have written have said enough.   My dreams are the only input into my mystical connection to God.  As such they , only they, provide new insights into how my identity will change next.  Oh yes, Age Progression and transits amplify the process of self discovery too.

It is not so much that I have exemplified the universal love of Neptune toward my fellow man.  I have Neptune oppose my moon natally and had to withdraw the constant tendency to project the worst motives on my fellow men- that  they were deceiving me, betraying me or just making fun of me.  So that enthusiastic identification with ‘universal love of man’ was doomed from the start.  Also with Neptune in close square with my Sun, I was not confident that my seeking independence would result in my being a minister, preacher or some other religious teacher.  Although I always was inclined in that direction.  But the collective thoughts on religion as practised  left me cold; my personal deceptions at the hands of pastors soured me to it.  I ended up being a clinical social work psychotherapist for the past 30 years.  Not so bad, not so good.

Now I am anticipating a new identity.  One generated by the Self and transcendent consciousness as developing archetypes innervate my aspirations.  I am in no hurry.  I am not excited.  I am not even hopeful.  Yet the excitement is still there.  I read of storms on Neptune’s gaseous surface that show something is brewing even though I don’t know what forms the Unknown will materialize for me.

When I do self reflection I often criticize myself for worrying about other’s responses one way or another- positive or negative toward me.  Why should I care what others think?  Yet I do, deeply; so deeply sensitized to rejection that every measured study, every attempt to employ like-minded individuals, every presentation will be guarded to protect my once fragile identity from criticism.  Neptune needs protection from the critical epistemology of Virgo.

My second book Life Passages, is my final foray into the world of the public.  Next I become an heir to the invisible realm of Neptune- and to what ever currents I choose to become one with.  At this point this is what I have discovered by delving into dreams and Neptune:

  1.  There is an afterlife and dreams connect one to others who have passed on; they are not corporal bodies but states of consciousness that exist in a field.  We should not fear death.
  2. Past lives exist and karmic influences determine our birth choices, birth traumas and patterns of life style. These are developmentally determined and at critical stages,  these can be transcended or changed.
  3. Psychic phenomenon is the rule and we would do well just to accept the gifts that come from being a pure channel of these energies.  Being grateful.
  4. Each one should discover his own purpose.  There could be no doubt as to the meanings of uniqueness and significance of each individual as he/she lives out his karmic, familial, patriarchal, and cosmic destiny.  The horoscope is a map for this.
  5. There is no voice coming from the sound boxes that leads anywhere.  Sounds from the sweetness of nature will vibrate in your silence and you in turn, will respond and move in the world in the right direction.  We must protect the earth.  Picture below.  Library at Ephesus.

Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide

In my latest book on Age Point Progression soon to come out on, I take the reader  through the life cycle comparing the 12 psychological phases of development created by Bruno Huber  with Erik Erikson’s 8 stages of man.  What is depicted below is a cycle of development  of purely psychological crises as one’s Age Point (calculated by Astrological Psychology methods) moves through the circle. Depending on your age and aspects to sensitive points in your natal chart, you will have to face different crises or opportunities.  In my new Book : Life Passages, I propose that  the dreams we have at these critical times correlate and give direction to our lives and how we can learn what solutions psychologically are needed in response.  It is truly a marriage of Astrological psychology and depth psychology of the type that Carl Jung proposed.  In that book I give you dreams of six volunteers who had dreams at significant times in their lives and how their dream interpretations are reflected in the context of their developmental struggles at the time.

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What Astrological Psychology Means to Me

Figure 1.
John chart
Figure 2.



Before I go into my topic of what Astrological Psychology means to me, a little introduction to Huber astrology as taught by the Astrological Psychological Association located in England is in order.

Aspect lines form geopmetric figures with each other.  These can take the shape of polygons, triangles, or linear figures and represent basically three different types of motivation.   the aspect structures will always manifes the basic underlying attitude of life for the person. (Huber , Astrological Psychosynthesis)

The three types are:


These people are goal oriented and purposeful.  They want to create lasting, calm, harmonious and altogether perfect conditions.    They ask ” What should I do to produce the best possible results? ”  They try to achieve maximum security by working with  existing circumstances.  They need to actually realize their plans not just talk about them.  They persevere and don’t give up half way through.


These people have a mutable attitude and make the most out of the status quo.  They want to be on the move.  Their basic motivation and drive are taken up with the search for love, human contact, communication and learning.  They ask: “Why is this as it is?  Why should I do that? Why must I suffer so?  They want to understand the underlying laws and see how they fit into the whole scheme of things.


These people have a dynamic attitude.  they ask, “How can I best reach my goals in life?  Forever searchig for ways to better realize their aim.  They are restless and always after something.  They love taking risks and have alot of will power but perseverence and caution are not their strong points.  they are highly competitive and can gamble their all on one last chance.  (Huber , Astrological Psychosynthesis, pps. 7-20)

So enter your birth data, using the Astrodienst web site and take a look at your chart to see what apsect figure(s) are prominant in your chart.

I have all three aspect figures in my chart and they overlap each other, contain in each one 3 of what Bruno Huber calls the ego planets.  This indicates there are actually three different reaction types, ego states and /or personality parts to my psyche.   Since they are overlapping, they are called coherent and so I am motivated toward bringing synthesis to my understanding of my 3 differnt ego states.  Just the knowlege of these three aspect figure combinations with different motivations has had a healing impact on me.  That is why I love to help other people who are suffering with the false notion that they have to have a unified consciousness in dealing with life;  that is just one type of psyche and having many different ego states (as much as 3) can be perfectly healthy if one can sythesize them.  (Aspect Pattern Astrology, Huber p. 121.)

One feature that I learned about myself from Astrological Psychology is how the 3 aspect figures (Figure1 .) in my chart play together to form a rather dynamic tension and focus. My achievement triangle with Jupiter as the focal planet includes Neptune and the Moon loves to work for truth; my Double Ambivalent figure with quincunx plays as an unconscious manager for stability and understanding in my life and wants results.   A  linear connected pattern  lays on top of these two (See Figure 2). I think the linear pattern infuses a great deal of restlessness and tendency to scatter in my energy in the field (along with the fact I have a red chart). This restlessness involves my ego planet Saturn, Mars, Mercury, the Nodes and Venus – Uranus opposition. That plays out as a sub-personality for me which can take over the stability-oriented part of me . Complexes like this linear pattern are unconscious and has provided with me a lot of suffering when I have jumped into personal affairs with people and events without thinking and planning for what I want to accomplish or what my true values are.
Impulsiveness in relationships, in activity and interactions with the outside world has been a difficult factor to hold back. One part of my ego could quickly engage in debates, wars of words, intense dialogues in relationships with no goal in mind other than just movement,  stimulation and winning. Then I would wonder why people were holding me to what I said especially when I felt no accountability.  With all the “tool planets” on the ‘I side’ involved in this linear pattern (Aspect pattern Astrology, Huber, pps. 53 and 110), I could not suppress or repress the life-sustaining functions of this pattern at all.  When I felt insecure, I would  defensively and intrusively argue my way out (Saturn, an ego planet,  is involved in the linear pattern).  If I tried, an autonomous sub-personality would emerge that turned people off.

I have found an outlet through the sport of tennis. I find that it is a very competitive outlet and perfect for the linear part of my nature. Plus (and thankfully) the Moon which is in a one-way trine to Venus which is on this linear pattern, connects the linear restlessness into my more stable aspect figures. Otherwise, I might act on immoral,  impulsive directions without heeding my values and need for stability (Double Ambivalence figure).
Astrological psychology has got me by the ‘scruff of my neck’ and won’t let go. It has been so valuable in my search for self-examination and discovery (Nodes and Age Progression too), and I have found a home with APA. I am so happy to have this association and as a seeker, nothing is more important that aiming for something and hitting a bull’s eye (Sag asc).  I recommend it to you.  contact : 

Dreaming of Trauma what it could mean

Abused child




Post Traumatic Stress is an anxiety disorder that is created by a person’s exposure to traumatic event such as war, physical and sexual abuse, being a victim of assault ,  in a terror attack, or being  a victim of hurricane, tornado or car accident (to name a few).  The person who experiences a trauma is left with horror at the memory of the event.   The psychological defense mechanisms of suppression and repression work to keep the disturbing memory of the trauma locked up and un- processed in his/her memory.  One feature of the symptom cluster of PTSD is called re-enactment; that is, one relives intrusive images or sensations or emotions  associated with the trauma  when triggered by events such as symbolic or real events happening in the present .  This re-experiencing is distressing and   creates a defense called repetition compulsion which is an attempt of the person to bring closure on a chaotic situation of trauma that cannot be processed or put in the appropriate context of the person’s autobiographical memory.

Looking at recent research in traumatology, I was prompted to  re-discover some evidence of  trauma that existed in my family before I was born  (uncle died from motor boat accident while intoxicated, uncle committed suicide after the loss of his child, father almost died of spinal meningitis ,  both maternal grandparents lost their parents when junvenilles).  According to Mark Wolynn these traumas that happened in extended families could be transmitted in genetic form or to a family member’s  personal unconscious in the family.

I did experience one sexual abuse incident when I was 21 by my minister who abused me when intoxicated( against my will).   I was in a ‘black out’ and did not remember what exactly happened.   (the folowing dream may refer to that too but it was a one time incident and never happened again).   I did not come from an abusive family situation in my nuclear family but had this dream years ago:

September 6, 2009:

“Skeletons in the closet”

A dream in which ‘I consult a photograph album of my family.  I remark after seeing this picture that someone had been held in a room which is locked and secret (as if in a cage).  He was deprived of life and sexually abused’.  (see picture)

This dream and a memory of it, may explain ‘false memories’ of PTSD that people report in court cases where attempts to prosecute perpetrators cannot be founded by the evidence.  It may be that we carry memories of secret abuse  and re-experience  symptoms of past  extended family trauma and that our dreams reveal them.  This would be kind of a karmic re-living of a family theme.  This hypothesis is born out by the recent book, It Didn’t Start With You,How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are, by Mark Wolynn, April 2016.

“Emerging trends in psychotherapy are now beginning to point beyond the traumas of the individual to include traumatic events in the family and social history as a part of the whole picture. Tragedies varying in type and intensity—such as abandonment, suicide and war, or the early death of a child, parent, or sibling—can send shock waves of distress cascading from one generation to the next. Recent developments in the fields of cellular biology, neurobiology, epigenetics, and developmental psychology underscore the importance of exploring at least three generations of family history in order to understand the mechanism behind patterns of trauma and suffering that repeat.”

So here is a hypothesis:  Could the above dream be a reflection of a trauma that happened to  a person(s)  in my extended family who had been sexually abused?  It may have happened in the distant past to a male/female in my family and I am carrying the memory.

When I looked Astrologically at the date I had the dream (9th of September 2009) and the AGE POINT Progressions involved, I learned that the Age Point was opposed to my Node on the Relationship Axis.   When the AGE POINT is conjunct the Node, it usually shows a way forward to greater development and spiritual growth.  This will aid our progress ; however,  with the opposition (180 degrees to this point), it indicates avoidance of genuine effort, difficulty with achieving cherished goals of growth. and in the 11th  and 5th house axis where  the opposition  was placed, ethical difficulties relating to wanting to possess the other person all for oneself rather that taking real responsibility for one’s own life goals.   So this dream could represent astrologically at the time it was dreamt, a sliding backward to a blind alley in which will not lead anywhere productive and heightens the drama of taking on the extreme form  of enslavement.  The dream represents a traumatic situation that would have that effect on one’s life- making a person defensive, self-protective and  depressed because  one could not pursue life goals because of fear of being used to gratify another’s needs against one’s will.   This could explain why I am wary of having a relationship in which I am in any way dominated by another person.

Many of my dream images over the years coming from  inherited family trauma hormone reactivity ,illustrated by Wolynn in his book,  may be understood as reflections of family trauma. I have dreams of my family  when they are in danger;  It could explain why my family means so much to me (Natal Moon in the 4th house).  I have  had warning dreams about alocohol and drugs; and  I drink very little alcohol as I am constantly reminded of how it effected family members when  it was abused.  To suppress or to advance my occupational identity had been an issue for me  as a young adult and delayed my entrace into professional life; and I had irrational dreams creating fear of catastrophe by water; maybe I carried fear that my life would be cut short  by drowning (as my uncle died)  so I did not  put forth effort.

Maybe one can relate to what the hypothesis suggests, maybe not.  I am exploring possibilities by this writing at this point so I think some of this traumatic family history  is quite relevant to my shadow personality and is realted to the Huber concept of the Nodal Chart.  In my Nodal chart, I have a Venus (5) opposition to Uranus  (11) in the 5-11 house Axis which could offer a possible need to possess others in love but  is opposed by a rebellious nature and need for freedom.  This could have its roots in past family traumas which created extreme ambivalence about relationships coming into this incarnation.  I am drawing linkages between the Nodal Chart and the possible infusion of traumatic memories in the personal unconscious which is inherited and affects behavior in one’s life.

I am using a dream category that is new.- Traumatic Dreams based on social maladaption in one’s extended family passed on in the form of an archetype to a suceeding generation.  In this way, we have depression and anxiety in families inherited through a genetic mechanism which is imbedded in the personal unconscious in the form of a complex.

Donald Trump an analysis

Trump DonaldA subjective analysis of the controversial Donald J. Trump natal chart; some considerations using the theory of Astrological Psychology as applied through the Huber Method

The image of his chart reminds me of a kite with a tether from the two bottom sides to the upper side holding it back as sit tries to rise.  Using the Koch House system of astrological analysis, through shaping alone we find that multiple shaping in a vertical direction is evident. He has a predominantly  Green-Blue chart which could make him sensitive and adaptable but not wanting to assert himself too much.  He could rather delegate to others and avoid making clear delineations about his vision for America because he is considering options.  However, under emotional strain, he can make impulsive decisions without much forethought which will be addressed below.


He has a closed aspect pattern and has the “You side” generally empty except for the Moon and South Node.  Thus in relation to others he interprets most events from an ego-centric point of view;  and when he’s dealing with relationships, he sees them as the unknown and often perceives an intrusion by ‘alien others’ into his personal experience.  He can feel helpless at the mercy of unfamiliar forces- all in the realm of relationships with others.  (APA Manual,Unit 2, Module 2,  p. 17).

Donald has multiple aspect figures: the megaphone, the ambivalent triangle , an irritation triangle and linear shaping.  He has multiple motivations, he is  versatile,  can be adaptable, seeks security and is  as  we know  ambitious.  But he may change his position quickly and jump from one emotional state  to another in an attempt to adapt to prevailing circumstances.  He has all three ego planets in an irritation triangle which may incline him to be motivated to keep moving and to be stimulated leading to periods of hectic overexertion.  The opposition between his Sun and Moon form a central pressure-building energy so that can result in irritation when he is not supported in contact with others(Moon) which is made even more tense by his will to  be an  individual who is respected by his public.   His inner sense of security can be threatened by his awareness of inner tension due to a longing for liberation from this tension.  To complicate the emotional side, his Moon in the 4th house as tension ruler of his chart is  4 degrees from the low point conjunct the South Node;  he can appear  emotionally upset, immature,   and inconsistent  when frustrated in  getting his needs met for emotional support from contact with others.  He can be a puzzle to  others because he can be rebellious,  demanding, manipulative and defensive when misunderstood.

His political advisors can possibly be insincere and may impede him rather than help him. (Moon Node Astrology, p. 30).  When he got the Republican nomination for President, David Duke a former KKK Grand Dragon, felt the climate was right for him to run again for senate.  After some time with his advisors, Donald declined to support Duke.  When his spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, for the Trump campaign spoke to a USA Today reporter (August 3, 2016), she blamed Barak Obama for the 2004  the enemy killing of Army Captain Khan in Iraq when Obama was not even president at the time.   Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are thorns in Trump’s side throughout his new presidency; although they are no longer present in his administration, they continue to seep into investigations of Trump’s connection to Russia.  Not only has Donald Trump tried to control the damage from his own impetuous personality, he has to deal with the incompetence of his own advisors.  This creates a rise of anger and aggressiveness which he is not in control of… (added by Uranus which is conjunct the Sun and opposed Natal Moon which confers rebelliousness); he has no filters on the impulses so he must defend himself after his outbursts with evasive behavior which often involves a softening or reversal of his position. (  Aspect Pattern Astrology, p. 177, Huber).

With Mars stressed before the 1st house, we find him expressing himself with  arrogance, annoyance, in a noisy spontaneous and  uncontrolled way.  He may well  get involved in a ”Waterloo Event” in which he will be  in a life or death struggle for the recognition and  legitimacy of his efforts to be President of the United States.  (Transformation, Huber. p. 56).  Anyone who challenges him can expect a life or death struggle until Trump wins.  His assertiveness  may assist his feeling nature which is part of the blue side of an  ambivalence triangle (Mars trine the Moon  conjunct the  Dragon tail  oppose the Sun, Node and Uranus conjunction).  Thus , he can be self-satisfied with his individualistic nature (Vertical direction) when  seeing himself in an ideal world in which he has created; but he is at a loss to understand why he arouses so much opposition from others and does not have a clue how this happened.  So he invents conspiracy theories to rationalize why he is so ill-treated.   He says, “This election may be rigged!”  He becomes aggressive when others oppose him because he feels he should not be attacked; in fact he exaggerates the threats by others due to his hypersensitivity.  He believes the news media is the enemy.


And since intelligence may be  measured in part by the “intelligence planets Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn” (Huber, Astrological Psychosynthesis, p. 26-30) we see the following:

  1. A tendency to be confused and flip-flop in his thinking/feeling values (Neptune in 2nd house square Mercury in 11th ).  He came across as supporter of the poor disenfranchised white Americans but has no intention of doing more than creating an atmosphere of bullying toward business to create more jobs.  Don’t rely on him for healthcare, many of the programs that help poor people (Headstart, Meals on wheels, Public defender monies, good standards for environmental protection due to global warming).
  2. His conservative bent due to his needs for security can in part be based on the past values with little appreciation of having to change his life goals. So he can be seen as a bigot, racist and reactionary (Venus conjunct Saturn in 11th house). Consider his stance on immigration, halting Muslims’ entry into our country and revival of  post industrial America so he can “Make America Great Again”
  3. . Jupiter is on the Low Point of the 2nd house in which his need for appreciation of his self worth does not find an outward expression but is, in fact,  ignored; he then can compensate by exaggerating his self importance.  He demonstrates the inability to have the right response at the right moment.  No apologies, no humility.

He has the tendency to hop from one relationship to another.  He relies on superficial impressions and spontaneous reaction rather than on sound judgment provided by observation.  Consider his tweets


If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States in November 2016, I may consider requesting adoption by the Yaqi Indians in Mexico, take peyote and try to see Don Juan.  Reverse migration is an option for us all.

Progressions and transits on Sharon Tate’s premonition of her murder

Tate Tate 1967Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a movie that is about a young wife who comes to know that her offspring is not of this world. As the plot unfolds, when Rosemary becomes pregnant, she becomes increasingly isolated; the diabolical truth is revealed only after she gives birth- that she was impregnated by the Devil. Rosemary gives birth to the Devil’s offspring and then has to give it up to Devil worshipers. The movie is a suspenseful and superbly crafted art form by Director Roman Polanski. Having recently seen the motion picture, I was struck at how important accurate dates and numbers were to the occult aspects of the movie. For example, Rosemary’s baby had to be conceived and born on a certain calendar day that was chosen with the confederate help of Rose Mary’s husband, Guy. (He was in league with the Devil cult). In addition the baby devil had to be born a certain time of the year in order to fulfill the dark, evil purpose of the underworld. Although this was imaginary theatre, being an Astrological Psychology enthusiast, I was interested in dates and times for the birthing and intrigued by certain parallels to the life of Sharon Tate, movie star and former wife of Director of the film Roman Polanski.

I noticed synchronicities that appeared in the making of the film and thereafter. One was that Director Roman Polanski released this film on June 12, 1968 little more than a year before his wife Sharon Tate was murdered. Sharon Tate was murdered on August 9, 1969 when she was 8 months pregnant and due to give birth to Polanski’s child in two weeks. The Charles Manson cult was responsible for her murder and that of 3 others including her one time boyfriend Jay Sebring. Was there a connection between the pregnancies between Rosemary in the movie and Sharon Tate’s with sinister forces at play? I had wondered about the concept of the Law of Attraction- like attracts like which “in new age philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.” (Wikipedia).
Add to this the roles that Sharon Tate was scripted for in the movies which had the flavor of occult: she played a witch in Eye of the Devil (1967); in the Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) she played Sarah who was a victim whisked away by a Vampire. In Valley of the Dolls (1967), she played the role of a talentless actress who had success and failure in love and work, leading to heartbreak, addiction and tragedy. Sharon Tate was known to take opium and other mind altering drugs; she had a lifestyle in which she had open affairs while she was pregnant and married to Roman Polanski. Could these roles and Sharon’s disposition have attracted the events that led to her murder on August 9, 1969? Furthermore, could a premonition or dream she had of her own death in 1967, (See chart on left at top of the page)  have been a warning to find a way out of the conundrum that made her a victim of the Manson cult?

Note: The unique perspective of the Huber approach combines Jungian dream analysis and relates these to dynamics of chart interpretation using the Huber method to time developmental events in the life of a person. Developmental challenges are revealed by the critical times when the Age Point transits planets or other sensitive points in a horoscope by aspecting them. The events and urge to growth can create a crisis in consciousness. (The Cosmic Egg Timer, pps. 127-128). These events in the psyche of the person are reflected symbolically in dreams or premonitions which usually identify a crisis of ego attachments. Personal identity losses ( family role losses through separation, divorce, death); occupational losses (change in job, being fired or retirement); physical body losses (illness, accidents) and/or transitions ( from life to death). The recording and amplification of dreams and the date they are dreamed are correlated with critical periods: crossing point of the Age Points, transits and progressions to the Natal horoscope. This represents a meaningful way in which the SELF prepares one for losses, which has implications for healing and personal transcendence of consciousness. (Dreams and Astrological Psychology, p. 47.)

To shed light on these questions, by assessment of Sharon Tate’s birth chart aspects of her Age Point progression point (see chart on top left of this page) and transits to her natal planets that occurred during the ‘hypothesised’ premonition/dream date in 1967; I discover certain themes that had emerged which were missed opportunities for her to steer away from the tragic course her life took ending in her murder.

Jay Sebring and Sharon met in 1964; Jay was a famous hair stylist. The couple had been lovers and friends for years. On a night in July or August of 1967 ( I chose August 15,1967); Sharon was staying at Sebring’s home while waiting on a new apartment lease which would  enable her to move to her own residence. It was during the time that she was staying in Jay’s home, that Sharon had a premonition or dream of his and her own deaths.
As reported in the May 1970 issue of Fate magazine, by Dick Kleiner when he asked her if she had psychic experience, she said:
…’ Sometime around the summer of 1967, Tate was in a relationship with Jay Sebring, who not so incidentally, would also be killed in the Manson slaughter in the house in Benedict Canyon. She was alone in his house and turning in to bed when she started experiencing a funny feeling that kept her from sleeping. She turned on the light and saw a small man moving clumsily around the room. The unexplainable figure was terrifying to her. (It seemed that the figure resembled, Paul Bern, who used to live in that house and died of suicide in the 1930’s). Tate then ran from the room and went down stairs and this was when the premonition or dream took place. She saw someone tied to the staircase. Whoever it was- and she could not tell if it was a man or a woman but knew somehow that it was either Jay Sebring or her- he/she was cut open at the throat. After settling down with a drink at a bar in the house, she went back up stairs and walked past the apparition with gushing blood and past the little old man. Despite this, she climbed into bed and fell fast asleep’.

Sharon Tate’s horoscope highlights traits (see chart on right at top of page):
Sharon Tate’s ascendant is Cancer which has a persona of these behavioral traits- mirroring , nurturing, and receptivity to others; being sentimental and shy. She had psychological needs for belonging, unconditional love and sympathetic understanding- true to the Cancer archetype. Her ascendant ruler is the Moon in the Cardinal zone of the third house, *unaspected which directed her need for closeness, warmth and tenderness with a tendency to always be on the lookout for new people and new things to learn. She had an open and receptive manner and encouraged others to open up to her. But her feelings might have been at the mercy of others and it could have been difficult for her to know her own feelings. At times she may have had the feeling of emotional loneliness, abandonment or loss because of the problem of recognizing her own emotional responses and separating them from others.
Sharon had a strong need for reaching her own goals with clarity and dynamism but she may have been torn in two directions- to be with others or on her own. She could have had traits of striving for possessions, collecting, wanting to keep things for herself- people, ideas and knowledge; she could have the feeling the more she had, the more she was worth. (Astrolog, p. 153) She could have underestimated her self-worth thus creating dependency and relying on the resources of others for their help or financial assistance. ( Moon Node Astrology, p. 48). This coupled with not knowing her own feelings and relying on dependency of others could lend to her being paralyzed in taking responsibility for her own life direction.
For her own growth and development, #she would have needed to rely on her own self- worth and values, but she may have disliked the exertion that building her own self-worth entailed and felt a token effort was enough. She could have been dependent on strong, usually male persons- like Jay. In a hurry to project her own need for self-satisfaction on others, she may have loved too much an easy time (trines in air signs) and missed opportunities to self-reflect in an evaluative way- thus relying on others’ opinions. (Moon Node Horoscope, p. 48) Thus many opportunities for personal growth were allowed to slip by and even the terrifying premonition of her own death could not stand the discernment of an evaluation. She could have reflected on her own life and changed its direction, left people on whom she was dependent, and relied on her own self-worth. So, the only sinister forces at play were her own avoidance of what her premonition meant to her personally. She may have exhibited demands for closeness with other people which created a longing due to her emotional dependency needs, but then she felt frustration, tension, friction and irritability instead of peace and contentment in closeness with others. (Planets, p. 146). She could probably not stand to be alone. This combination with being beautiful and sought out by the public, as a movie star and model, reinforced superficial qualities of self-worth and could have prevented her from discernment as to what her premonition may have been telling her.
Age Progressions ^ and transits:
I chose to use the date of August 15, 1967 to interpret progressions and transits because it seemed the most reasonable time for the occurrence of her premonition/dream at Jay Sebring’s house. Sharon was in her boyfriend’s apartment, Jay Sebring, while awaiting her own to be rented apartment to open up so she could move on her own. Due to the premonition, she must have had intense feelings of dread but she may have avoided making a genuine effort to examine her life. She went down a blind alley and may have missed the opportunity to be independent. She may have relied too much on Jay and it may have damaged her spiritual and developmental growth. Taking the easy way out and not reflecting on this premonition and its consequences for her life may have damaged any attempt to escape her fate. (AP t square Node n and oppose Venus n at cusp of 8th house). (Life Clock, p. 194)
She may have not been seeing relationships clearly and perhaps was yearning for the unattainable union and fusion with friend, Jay. (Neptune t in 3rd on LP n square Venus n on 8th cusp). Avoiding actual encounters with the truth, Sharon could have pretended she was happy with the direction her life was going, especially with all the distractions of her fame. Even though her psychic abilities as evidenced by the premonition of her and Jay’s death, was manifested and predictive of what would happen to both of them; she closed the door on the discernment that the relationship with Jay was headed for a catastrophic end. Her rational side was not triggered and she thus was just a vehicle for her imagination and nothing more; but she could have been a medium and channeled things to come and acted accordingly. (Planets in Transit, pps. 444, 447)
I can see at work, that the laws of attraction that could have set the stage for occult and perhaps genuine psychic experiences (Progressed Mercury p to Neptune n) but the dependency traits that Sharon possessed, the fame she enjoyed, and the avoidance of self-reflective reality checks- may have brought her to where she ended up on August 9, 1969- at the murderous hands of the Manson gang. This experience with Sharon Tate and analysis of her chart with Age Point progressions and transits, taught me to heed psychic intuitions, dreams and premonitions and to examine them closely. I wish Sharon could have done that which may have created an opening for her and her unborn child to live on and not be delivered to the evil that was brought upon them.

*The Huber method of astrological psychology uses the aspect structure and shaping of a chart (quadrangular, triangles and linear connections among planets) to represent the unconscious motivation of a person. When the moon is not part of the structure, its feeling energies are dependent on the environment for responses.

#The north node of the moon and aspects to its’ house position and sign indicate the potential for growth and development of the individual. Although the Node indicates the areas in which growth can naturally occur ,it is sometimes resisted. The south node aspects, placement by house and sign indicates past life patterns that are well-worn and represent lines of least resistance but don’t lead to growth.

^The Age Progression Point is a developmental point that moves through the houses every 6 years. It starts at birth and takes 72 years to complete a full cycle. As it does, it creates aspects and life challenges to sensitive natal points and aspect structures in the chart and affects the life of the native.
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Crisis of Our Times

“I had a dream on 6/13/2016 of a fear I have.  It was that I was seeking out a woman named Vera (Truth?) who I wanted to help me with the information on the kind of creatures roaming about  killing people at night.  She told me about the Raptors, a kind of dinosaur that are ravishing our countryside.  I wanted Vera to tell me if and when they were coming.  She said they are already here and I knew that there was nothing we could do to protect ourselves from them except to be prepared.  ”

This dream is on the wake of the 49 dead in Orlando in which ISIS inspired killer Saddiqi Omar Mateen used a military assault weapon to gun down over 100 people in a night club early Sunday morning. (6/11/2016).   I fear we are being stalked by cretures that are incapable of reason, religious fanatics who will kill all who don’t see the world as they do.  We are in a global crisis where these entities in the name of religion stalk and kill non-believers and those who embody lifestyles considered forbidden in their religious belief system.

C. G. Jung believed that mythology of a culture in crisis on a collective level is parallel to individual dreams on a personal level. (Crossing the Event Horizon, Zap, Jonathon, p. 7, 2012) .   Now we have symbolism of the Raptor,   carnivorous three-toed creatures from the Mesozoic era, that used its teeth and claws to disembowel prey and then consume them.  And these creatures were featured  in my dream. By analogy,  we have  humans  who carry out  killings in the name of religion, namely radical fanatics who combine a presumed (psychotic) divine (God) purpose with that of a voracious, carnivorous reptile (Raptor).  This combination of God with a reptile is  a syzygy or conjunction of opposites…ripe for a mythological story.

On the cultural , collective level we have the crisis of global terrorism;  and we have Raptors being associated with a God which rules the vicious and murderous side of religions.  Creating adherents which stalk the earth punishing and killing anyone who does not believe as they do.  What is the combination image that symbolizes this conjunction of opposites, the syzygy?- Raptor Jesus.

What is Raptor Jesus?  The origin of the Raptor Jesus searches on the internet according to Google Insights,  first  began on Spetember 11,2005.  Coincidence or syncronicity?   This probably had some connection with a Creationist contention that Jesus and his disciples walked with the dinosaurs 2000 years ago . This idea became a joke to associate Jesus being contemoraneous with these ancient creatures.   It is interesting that the association of the Raptor Jesus image morphed into  a video Game (Kongregate games)  which is an art form along with science fiction in which mythological images can appear.  In one game scenario Raptor Jesus is fighting with Chuck Norris.

I use the analogy of Raptor in the dream only because it came to me out of the blue.  I have no agenda to idnetify Christian Creationists beliefs  as dismissive or any religious system of belief.  What strikes me is the way the image of Raptor Jesus embodies the combination of murder and religious belief, put in the form of extinct creature with the Divine who was a  killing machine.   It  highlights the ancient, primitive and archaeic predator in my dream which is  Mateen the murderer who killed 49 people.  Those who are gay and American in a Christian culture wee targets on Sunday.  Mateen embodies and lives out perfectly the  Raptor Jesus  mythology (see Wiki pedia, Raptor Jesus) in which  we are going back in time and  to a level of predatory belief systems in which if you don’t believe as I do, you will be killed.

Raptor JesusSo the story continues, it does not matter who or what system of belief promotes the killing of outsiders; the fact that it is a real part of life today and the myth of our times is a stark reality we all face.  Or refuse to face, at our peril.

Why work on being healthy through dreamwork

In my Dreamwork, I have really departed from the behaviorist interpretation of behavior and looked at the individual as the subjective source of truth. That departure has certain consequences.  Below is an excerpt from my book Dreams and Astrological Psychology in which I know that one has to Believe in what one does and if not, it is not worth doing it because especially with dreamwork, there is a lot of perseverance needed as well as devotion to the task at hand: to find dreams, date them and find an Astrological Psychological correlate to them.  Any psychology that proposes to cover the broad subject of the unconscious and its contents, and then refutes tenets of Americanbehavioral psychology that has been dominant in the 21st century, must have justification for its assertions. It is important for us to believe in working with unconscious symbolism through astrology and the self-study of dreams. For without this belief, we cannotrecommend the study of our discipline in a materialistic world. Inpsychological and physical health,  belief plays a vital role. Just to prove how important it is to believe in and have a commitment to these disciplines is revealed by Herbert Benson who notes that it has been estimated that belief plays an important and primary role in theresolution of 75% of health problems that do not respond to specific treatments.

Belief in the importance of the interpretation of dreams as vital to good health, individuation and psychological well-being is essential.  G. Jung proposed that dreams are an involuntary psychic process and emanate from psychological complexes in the unconscious. He believed and devoted his professional career to the belief that dreamsoffer compensatory functions to our ego identifications, emotionalcorrection and contributions toward problem solving in life.

Nowlin (1965) studied REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which is usually associated in dreaming with the emotional content of dreams.  He monitored REM in dreaming subjects in a controlled study and discovered that chest pain is correlated with dreams involving strenuous physical activity and those involving fear, anger and frustration. We can surmise from Nowlin’s study that the subjects’ lack of awareness of the content of their dreams and their lack of ability to modify their behavior based on the knowledge imparted by their dreams led to health issues with chest pain.

Dream images have contents that are symbolic. As Jung explains,

Nike Goddess“A term or image is symbolic when it means more than it denotes  orexpresses.  It has a wider ‘unconscious’ aspect an aspect that can never be precisely defined or fully explained. This peculiarity is due to the fact that, in exploring the symbol, the mind is finally led towards ideas of a transcendent nature, where our reason must capitulate.”

So going back to Nowlin’s  subjects, dream images of strenuous activity was what was experienced by  the subjects and that correlated with pain in their bodies in real time.
We may assume that the subjects were being threatened and had to fight their way out or run away.

This is an activity that mobilizes the Central Nervous System.  The archetype representing fear, anger, frustration and strenuous activity may be one that represents conflict between forces that would harm one:   Attack by a Warrior, a Black Magician,  and/or a Witch.   There may be many more that would threaten,  so  I have limited myself to these few.    Being unaware of these images or ones like them as they could build a tension and over time result in physical harm to the individual   Thus, the importance of dream recall and working with images of dreams is vital to one’s health.  But one has to believe in this process for it to work!